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Why do i cook?

Posted by Aadya Sharma
July 13, 2017

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Okay, So I am a 21-year-old girl living in Delhi with my parents.I have my holidays currently and I am in my third year of graduation.I am spending a nice time at my home doing things which I like, thinking about my career goals and how to achieve them, then suddenly my mom comes in.She is all blurting things out which I can’t even begin to register in my mind.

And what she begins about is that I don’t pay attention towards cooking and I should because my mom is having her exams (she is pursuing palmistry, I know).I say things, she says things, things heat up.Then all of a sudden my dad comes in the picture too.Let me tell ya my dad does absolutely nothing to help my mom with the house chores, except for making tea for her in the morning.No washing clothes, no cooking, no cleaning of the house, nothing at all.And it is not that he does not know how to, just that he does not do them.

Well, as you can see, as my mom got exams, she expected her children to help her in the house-chores, she turns to us.She does not even start politely, she starts scolding me like anything that I don’t know how to cook good enough and that ”I don’t stand with her in the kitchen” so that I can learn how to cook.

Well, about me, I am a person of various interests.I love sports, travel, music, and many other things.But I am not that much into cooking.I mean I love how a delicious cookie or a cake turns out to be after doing things to the ingredients, but I am not THAT much into it that I get passionate about it.I grew up without stepping into the kitchen, so there was no question of if I was interested in it as I never really cared about it.

So about that day, she blurts out a lot in rage and fury that at a certain point of time, I even stop listening.

I have a younger brother too, he is in 11th and took up science.

Then my younger sister suggests that she and I can cook until her exams get over.So, we do the same.

Well, her exam went by.I was relieved that now she will resume her responsibilities.But, almost a week passed by, here comes another exam.Four days to go for that exam, and she starts whining that she needs someone to take up cooking again.My younger sister had her school reopened, so I was the only one left.I have been making chapatis since three days now.

The thing is, it is not about having to make chapatis day after day, I know I can cook and I cook for myself when I feel like it.And it is also not like I am having to cook day after day every day, but the thing is that the fact that I never saw anybody else in the kitchen except my mom and she had her degree go useless, my dad never shared or took up any of the responsibilities, so for me it is as if I take up cooking too, then somewhere I am letting myself down as I agree to do something which has been related to women being stereotyped.

I know that in the millennial generation everybody cooks, And they should.Everybody cooks because everybody eats, and I am going to be with a guy who knows this.Listen up boys!*winks*


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