Why GOT is every series Maniac’s favorite?

Posted by Nikitasha Chatterjee
July 8, 2017

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Game Of Thrones. Oh, yeah that everyone knows. You can miss the news headlines, sports stories, celebrity gossips, even facebook-ing and instragram-ing for a day, but not the latest episode of Game Of Thrones when it is aired in the TV. Nowadays, due to the boon of Torrent, Netflix and DC, it becomes much easier where one can download and watch the episodes together which adds on thrill.
What is so spectacular about GOT? This was my question before I started watching it. And when I finally found the answer, it can’t be put in one word. This six (now seven) series long HBO entertainment has given much to the series-sucker humanity, be it it’s incredibly gripping story line, portrayal of patriotism, power struggle, violence, sex or excessive exhibitionism, we love it all. But not many will surpass the theatricalism and look deep into the underlying philosophy which is the heart of the series. Recently the 38 times Emmy awards winning fiction drama series is adopted by Harvard University curriculum which will help the students to delve deeper into George R R Martin’s books that “echos and adapts, as well as distorts the medieval world of Eurasia from 400-1500 CE.”
This story has presented us the ideals, ego, fear, turmoils of every model human characters, the King who lost his dignity and life after serving with honesty and integrity, the Queen who doesn’t fear any sins in order to go to the top, the Princess who grows from her ashes to her aisle with a weapon of shear will power, the bastard Boy becomes the lone survivor cause he was ready to meet all odds, the Small Man who always knows how to create big room for his existence and many more. The most interesting thing in GOT is here every character has his/her way of doing things and thus even the deadliest crimes will be felt justified if one steps into their shoes. Many feels the fascinating aspect of GOT is it’s unpredictability. But I personally think, it’s how the story twists and turns to make it’s way towards predictability which keeps the generation hooked on to their screen.
They say, “In GOT characters dies and new ones emerges in every episode.” And I admit, this is the biggest USP of the series, the new characters, situations, subplots which it has to offer in every episode! And that’s how GOT became legend in Hollywood TV series. So, counting days to Season 7..are you?

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