Why is India so Bad even after having 1.2 billion population?

Posted by Salil Gaurav
July 15, 2017

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  • About 40% of our total population somehow fills their stomach.
  • Poor faculty. Example – India has few astroturf grounds whereas small country with very less population has large number of astroturf grounds. (This is also one of those reasons why India is no more Hockey King)
  • Cricket fever – Infact, I myself can’t give you the names of sportspersons other than of Cricketers.
  • In majority of our schools students don’t get opportunity to take part in sports due to lack of sports grounds or lack of sports equipments.
  • Study pressure – Parents don’t encourage their kids to choose Sports as their career, for them their kids should be either Engineer or Doctor.
  • Our previous governments hadn’t done anything great for developing our sports. I have huge expectations with our current government, hope they will take bold decision to improve the conditions of our sports.
  • After seeing the condition of players who plays sports other than Cricket many inspiring talented youth lose their hope.

I will conclude my answer by mentioning very famous saying – “Friends : It’s not the quantity, but the quality that matters.

I am not saying that India doesn’t have hard working talented youth who can wins medals for us but faculty for initiating them is poor in our country.

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