Women are women’s biggest Enemy

Posted by zainab haque
July 6, 2017

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In this century where every woman is participating in debates and shouting out loud for women equality in society and home, what is still unchanged? It’s the attitude of a woman to another one ‘This is something that hasn’t changed since the inception of mankind.’

No matter either you are at home, office or somewhere in public parties or social gathering, it’s women that pull the other one down in every possible way.

Corporate world is full of such incidents, where a woman never support the other one. Instead they were more serious about what she is wearing and how the hell she is having more friends than mine.

Ever think, without support of a woman nobody can hurt the other one. Start with our home where all the ifs and the buts, all the restrictions, dos and don’ts were put on a woman by another one. They only think; at my time I didn’t get freedom so my son’s wife should face the same.

Women never think about how well they can change the society by just being a helping hand to another one.

Be a game changer. Don’t shout out loud for women rights if you yourself is putting the other woman down. The change is you, understand your power and make some sense of your being. The only enemy, a woman has in this world; is the other woman standing somewhere near or far, her friend or colleague, her relative or just a stranger.

Remove that jealousy and comparison and try to help the other woman truly.

If you really want to be labeled as feminist, try to be a true one.

Note: Without a doubt there are few women in corporate and social world who are trying hard to uplift the other woman, however the number of such is quite a few!


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