stereotypes we are facing !!!

Posted by Prasanthine Raj
July 12, 2017

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Prejudices and Stereotypes are ruling the world. Every child is born to the parents, family and nevertheless, The Society. Because more than the parents, a person is influenced more by the society. Right from the school till the last breath, society determines everything.  VALUE OF PRESTIGE overboards Value of respect, humanity, compassion. Choosing the school, college, profession, job, bride or groom, car and even sometimes attire, becomes the choice of prestige.

The first ever prejudice, boy child or girl child and if it is a girl, the comment comes, Oh Poor You!!! And thanks to the little modernisation which sees a girl also as an asset. Blooming of private education happened. When I entered the so called educational institution, My initial fee was Rs 500 and now the entry fee is more than what I spent to complete my graduation. Why?? The great Law of Demand applies here. Demand has quadrupled and hence price has doubly quadrupled. Because top private school even if it is without any values becomes a prestige than a necessity.

Career choice has become only two. Doctor or an Engineer excepting few exceptions who are ridiculed for their low scores. Arts and Science has been perceived as a choice of low scorers even if they are exceptionally good. Employed or?? becomes the question and sometimes problem for many. Even if remained unemployed by choice, one will not be allowed to stay at home because the society will question the family. Foreign returns are seen as a divine one than one who remains in his or her own place.

Then comes the super drama called Marriage. Love marriage is still considered a sin. Right to choose partner by self is seen as an indisciplinary act and I think this will not change in some part of the society even if it is declared a fundamental right. Here caste, status comes into play and more than that your character will be judged. Arranged marriage, the biggest melodrama. It all starts with groom visiting. A girl is judged not by education, profession, values, ambitions but only by the external and even by clothes. Post marriage scenario becomes so difficult because a girl is fraught with extra burden. I was taught that women empowerment is not happening because of women. This I found true when some women asked me to accept this as part of tradition. Still the groom’s family and their choice is seen superior than the bride even if they have equal education and profession. When a girl’s marriage is delayed to pursue her ambition, it is doubted and prejudiced which is not the case for the other. Adopting a child is seen as something derogatory. It assasinates a woman’s character.

Private property is people’s creation. People with more property is respected than people with more values. Charity has become a choice. When one says that he or she wants to serve the society and wants to give the country first priority, he or she will be certainly laughed at and sometimes portrayed a joker. Friendship with opposite sex quotes an individual as an indisciplinary and ill charactered. Because trust ia valueless now.

Prestige becomes a factor for social attitude. Society rules everyone with its unwritten rules and norms. Everything is prejudiced and stereotyped. From this writing, I found myself prejudiced and stereotyped because I have written he or she and his or her not the vice versa.

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