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Posted by Ankita Singh
July 5, 2017

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Dear society,

Yes I am a dropper. Not once but twice. Did this sentence of mine forced you to judge me. You might be thinking poor girl. Might be she is on the wrong path.. wrong company.. maybe she is not putting enough effort.. maybe she is brainless and just wasting her time and her parents money. She will never be successful .. she just wasted her 2 years of life.. she lacked behind her mates and many more thoughts.I don’t deny the fact that,I had committed  some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. I have taken some wrong decisions. Maybe my execution went wrong. But I swear I WORKED! Maybe that was not my day. Maybe I had hard luck.I don’t know how but it happened. And I had to drop. But these two years were the toughest years of my life.The tag of being failure is not an easy one to carry. Every eyes judging you on daily basis are not easy to face. Those sleepless nights working hard on physics numericals were not the easy ones. Everyday was the struggle.. I was fighting within myself.And your taunts worsen the situations. I needed some encouragement, some motivation, some sweet words would have been cherry.But,what I  got were some rude and harsh comments.I can say when I started preparing for  NEET (AIPMT) I was a kid but these two years have shown me the brutal side of the society and turned me into a mature person… A blunt person..A cold one! I would just request you don’t judge a person if you haven’t stepped into their shoes. Every student has their dreams.. hopes. Don’t shatter them with your harsh opinions. We are much younger than you , we need your support and if you can’t just please don’t make opinions against us. I MAY NOT WIN IMMEDIATELY BUT DEFINITELY!!! 🙂

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