Yes, I Got her lesson

Posted by Madhu Bhagat
July 26, 2017

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Well, sometimes I laugh at me recalling my day, when I was in school time. So, interesting days for all of us. For me it’s starts from Math and ends with chemistry, might not be same every time. It’s looks so studious, but not at all. It just a fake drama, which happened everyday to show how diligently i am studying. How to bring my little mind towards math..I actually didn’t know. However, i had drown to solve the sums that’s quite uninteresting.

I was never a girl who would have fitted her mind in the books as my brothers and sisters had been carrying an intellectual mind since infancy. No..Never, had I. Although i was satis elfish and sluggish girl either, who had volumetric dreams with open eyes and having no interest to decipher on the contrary.

Morning was like a school going burden for me. Infrequently, I used to feign stomach pain to escape from school. I had late night movie collection while my kith usually busy with homework and revision. Of course, fun is crucial in every ages, as i say but don’t engage yourself within. See the world apart form it.

Life continuously goes on brings so many changes in our life. But one incident that created revulsion. Literally, i never thought it could be.What happened from that day when My elder sister showed me that ant. How can i forget that moment, when She was endeavour herself to climb in the wall after getting failed ten times, however she was not hopeless. Instead of this, She had determination to pass it and hopefully, she did.I knew it she would have done. And see, that Ant passed her exam having so much difficulty. She was determined and happy too after so many defeat. If they can do, so why you don’t?

That time, my eyes was stuck at that Ant. Finding an inspiration box like i never felt. Then i asked myself, yes, if she can, so i can’t? This question remained my mind at the end of school time. Gradually, i went school daily. I found a beautiful taste in math in which i used to stay away. Not even in math, but also in Science and Got crazy for history. That girl, who didn’t like to study, got lost in books and called book insects by her classmates.

After so much hard work, i got failed. Nevertheless, I used to remember that Ant..her try…her hope, diligence and determination for passing the wall..YES I CAN DO IT…

My mind revolved me about previous question which i usually asked myself like what about your determination and all? You know, One thing i love in my self, my determination, which push me until i achieve my goal.

I gave my board exam. I had no hopes actually that but had a mind to pass. I remember when my board result was got out and i was nervous and curious too. My elder sister called “ You did it, Madhu You did it. I think, you got her lesson.”

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