Young Social Change-maker; A Proud Bihari Maritime Engineer

Posted by Kumar Deepak
July 11, 2017

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Imagine when you are growing with lingual impairments & you can’t speak like other normal friends around; you feel shattered & segregated. You get admitted in school where your teachers start discriminating you from other students as well as you often stand-alone developing some complexities at such innocent early ages. You aren’t able to tell your parents how you are suffocating in school. When examinations held you can’t perform well & again your school administration targets you. School management directs parents to bring their son out of school & they can’t tolerate such abnormal kid anymore. Parents pledge & pray before school administration to remain their kid in the school for a year.

The Kid was watching his parents pledging with tears out of his mother’s eyes. School Admin agrees to allow the boy to study for a year. This was one of the most embarrassing & helpless moments for this kid.

This year, he tried his best to overcome his lingual impairments. He worked hard irrespective of ongoing discrimination & all such problems. He was coming out his internal inferiority complex boosting his energy, confidence & determination. He successfully passed his high school & 10+2 examination outstandingly. He cracked I.I.T Entrance & admitted to prestigious Indian Maritime University Kolkata pursuing his B.Tech Degree in Maritime Engineering.


Ashutosh ‘Prithvi’ Kashyap still didn’t forget how he stepped up in overcoming barrier & infringement of physical impairment & academic as well as community discrimination. He has faced those embarrassing moments in his life & what makes him still worrying is that our schools don’t treat students well. This is one of the darkest sites where one’s physical impairment is seen as contagious & untouchable in school & society.

Now this dynamic young & energetic 21 years old Engineering student from Bihar is fighting against ailments in our school. He is one of the fascinating faces in Education, Social & Environmental Entrepreneurship who thinks of that what he has faced in school earlier other such students won’t face. One can’t drop out because of economic marginalization from school. He himself teaches slum & poor kid right after his classes get over. His proud parents & family support him in his every endeavor.

Ashutosh is a regional coordinator of Bihar, Jharkhand, and Orissa & West Bengal at Youth School of Social Entrepreneurs. He was one of the International speakers representing India at World Youth Conference 2017 Belize. He is Youth Coordinator, India at B41 challenge. He was an Indian Delegate at World Youth Summit 2016 Official. Recently he successfully convened Samvaad India 2017 in New Delhi from 30 June-2 July where prominent speakers addressed dais for three days. He’s a founder of Ecumenical Abil. He has continuously been involved with school students & teachers towards upgrading infrastructure of education in school. He is working to utilize modern Information Technology to enhance new innovative tools in literacy. He is working hard for developing an environment ‘Education for All’ without discrimination. This young change maker desires that no one could become a drop out from school because of whatever barriers.

We need such young entrepreneurs in large numbers who could dedicate themselves for the betterment of society, school & educational environment. Ashutosh is currently focusing on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs till 2030. He recently founded International Institutional Organizations to deliver his objectives assigned under UN SDGs. He doesn’t get scared of the challenges anymore. He knows that path is zigzag but he & his team of volunteers is committed to continue running on this marathon track till they won’t induce that element of change in mindset.



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