Youth in traffic jam?

Posted by Shourya Singh
July 26, 2017

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I want to begin by stating that this post will talk about the problems faced by Today’s youth. And by youth, I specifically mean employed individuals with at least basic knowledge about the political scenario of the country.

Being a part of the ‘growing India’ myself, I find myself at a weird place where I am unable to understand the current happenings in my nation. I read a lot. And my reading list includes news articles with a soft corner for opinion pieces from reliable sources with a reputation for being liberal and secular.

I identify myself as a secular, liberal and proud Indian. And given that I consider myself a progressive Indian, it shocks me when I listen to news items about mob-lynching and atrocities against certain sects of the societies. And when I want to express my opinions regarding these shameful incidents, I am worried about being called ‘anti-national’, ‘sickular’, among others. Not that I care, but I don’t want to become a news item and disrupt my daily life.

I leave this job to someone else and move on with my life. I might seem selfish and ignorant here, but would you disrupt your daily life and become infamous for your ‘radical’ opinion? I am not concerned about the youth and their interest in these issues. I am concerned about the mental impact of these issues.

5 years back, India was learning to deal with homosexuality and accepting it, I was happy. Today, the issue has been put on back-burner and the ability to understand and accept the most reasonable issue is no more one of the primary concerns. It is my responsibility to point out that many developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. have accepted homosexuality the way it deserves to be. And in India, we behave like homosexuality is a myth and homosexuals are delusional.

Recently, I watched a movie called ‘Buddha in a Traffic Jam’. I am not sure if I loved it but the main theme of the movie, youth and the way it looks at the issues of the country made my question where is my country heading.

I have no issues with who is in power and who heads the government as long as it is growing. All that matters to me, as a person who works hard for his salary and pays taxes thinking it will help my country grow, is my country headed in the right direction?

Moving on, why do I need to state my religion and declare my political alignments before voicing my opinions? Is it that necessary that I need to belong to a particular religion to make a sensible point about mob lynching?

It is like a declaration form for opinions. “I am an XYZ from ABC and voted for this party in previous elections” (PS: This is the format. Please use it if you want to avoid getting trolled)

Social media, which used to be a place to keep yourself updated about what your ‘friends’ are up to and their pointless activities, has become a news channel run by goons. Say a word against their opinion, you won’t know the end of it.

Does Indian youth deserve this? Don’t we need to grow old in a country where everyone has a right to opine?

I don’t know the solution. But I feel we can come together. We might be weak initially, but we will grow. Remember, something is better than nothing.

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