100% Indian Millennials+ 100%voting = 200 %better INDIA !

Posted by Sai Suraj
August 18, 2017

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The main reasons for Indian Millennials dragging back not to vote is lack of feeling that does their 1 vote counts and can it really make any difference ?
They should come out of that feeling and this is what they need to be focused on!

  • This can be made by making them involve social as today’s teen tend to usually do. Such as changing their DP and inviting their friends to participate in social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.,
  • Also some pushing to be done at school or college level. Government and EC should collectively conduct some competitions and fun activities which might make first voters move.
  • Activities like mock Parliament, mock elections, know their leader and constitutional quiz can engage them.
  • Moreover sending students to remote areas and make them teach the value of vote would probably end up in making that student to vote and make others vote.
  • Allowing students to volunteer during elections might help.

Apart from these I have a suggestion which is not related to First time voters, but for elections(2019)

  1. Like linking AADHAAR with Voter ID.
  2. Dissolving Dead people Voter ID’s (This is how wrong votes are counting).
  3. Allowing NRI’s to Vote and also accounting their vote with some kind of mechanism from Foreign it self.
  4. And some sort of advance mechanism which can allow to vote from a remote position as well. This might be useful for people who are working from different places. As people doesn’t tend to travel to their places for elections. Instead a reserve day can be added such that some voters who couldn’t cast their vote can at least vote on next chance i.e., reserve day.
  5. Giving Time slots such that there won’t be any flooding apart from normal voting.
  6. Providing Parking areas near election centers and also providing better mobility too.


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