160 Million Indians in the age group of 20-24 years. Are we ready to face tomorrow?

Posted by Mrunal Mathuria
August 8, 2017

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In many parts of the world, including India, the students have played a decisive role in changing the destinies of their countries. By 2020 India will have 160 million people in the age group of 20 to 24 years and the average age in India will be 29 years. The time has come for youth power to take its place in the national scene with the determination to establish the supremacy of people’s power over the powers of money, falsehood, and brute-force and to make the people victorious.

“A new leadership must emerge in this country from among the youth. It should be the kind of leadership that has no selfish ambitions.”

The youth is dynamic; we have a fire in our hearts, youthful enthusiasm and the readiness to lay down our lives for a cause. Besides, we do not have too many responsibilities apart from posting statuses on Facebook and using dog filters on Sanpchat. We are not burdened like our elders with the responsibilities of running a household and providing for a family. So we are free to forge ahead.

I have come to the supposition that the coming social revolution being built by ‘The Real Bharat’ will be a party-less and peaceful one and the students and youth will be in its vanguard. Students’ and youth power will be backed by people’s power and this alliance will become invincible when moral power is also added to it. I am convinced that nothing will be able to stand against them when these three powers become synthesized into one.

One cannot say that the youth power of India is dormant, but it is frittering itself away on different issues which are of secondary or tertiary or no importance at all. Or they either become the camp-follower and flag-bearer of the political parties. Youth has been able to march forward to the extent of the dynamism, revolutionary zeal of constructive outlook the parties possessed. I found that the youth power of this country had not become a unified force because of this and decided to give the call of ‘The Real Bharat’. There was no other point on which I could pin my hope. What else could I do as a responsible youth? I could no longer contain myself and gave the call and I am glad that there is a good response from the youth.

Now that we have started this movement, I am asking the youth, “Will you still continue running away from the responsibilities? Will you still continue to enjoy nights of clubbing and unproductivity keeping your nation’s future at stake? Then whom do you expect to continue the struggle?” We will have to fight our battles ourselves. Otherwise from where else do you expect to get warriors for it? We have to be the Captains and Soldiers of this great movement, this great revolution. Who else will take our place if we decide to go on with faking our jolly lives on social media?

I want to tell all my brothers and sisters that we are fighting the ills, the miseries, the hardships that beset us and our families. Our elders are unable to struggle against them because they are tied down with responsibilities of securing a good life for us, for our education, for our employment. Are we not victims of exploitation and corruption? Are we not being crushed by sky touching prices? We manage to get a degree and knock every door for a job but still lakhs and lakhs of our eligible brothers and sisters are unemployed. Then does this not become a burden on our families and nation?

How can these social orders be changed without dedication and sacrifice? Who else will come forward to do all this for our country if our youth do not take this noble initiative? We the youth have some life in us, we are the hope of the nation. How can we have the fruits of a revolution without the requisite sacrifice? Did Bhagat Singh enter into a bargain? He staked his life for freedom. The non-violent revolutionaries were locked up for years in jails, faced lathis, and bullets, had their land property confiscated. How do you look at these things? Are your eyes in blinkers that you are not able to take in the significance of all that is happening in the country at this moment? Are you not able to feel the pulse of the country?

I have no objection to the students familiarizing themselves with every possible variety of political ideas and ideologies and choosing to act in ways they think fit, but the evolution of the constructive and non-partisan power of the youth will not be possible if we become members and tools of political parties. It is not acceptable to me that student’s organizations, movements, and struggles should be conducted under the leadership of political parties. This ought to be unacceptable to the students themselves. They may seek advice from everyone but learn to take their own decisions. A new leadership must emerge in this country from among the youth. It should be the kind of leadership that has no selfish ambitions. There are many young men who are eager to become leaders so as to be able to get into an office, to get a party ticket for a seat in a legislature or some such thing. These people have no place in this revolutionary youth movement.

Again I would like to tell you something that you may not like, that may be a bitter pill for you to swallow. A crowd like this cannot wage a movement if you are really serious about one. This has happened again and again in the recent history of India after independence. Again and again, the ruling party has defeated the Indian population by giving a blind eye and a deaf ear to our basic needs- because we are ill-organised, divided on the basis of religion, caste, social status.

“My hope of the future lies in the youths of character, intelligent, renouncing all for the service of others, and obedient- good to themselves and the country at large.” -Swami Vivekanand

It will also not do if you yourselves behave dishonestly and preach honesty to others. Only when we develop the right moral, this movement turns a success.

Who will respond to the call of this great and novel revolution? Who else will shoulder the responsibility if not the youth of India? Only we can be its soldiers and generals. It will be difficult to save India and Indian culture unless this cultural revolution is brought about. This will be a humanist revolution- an inward revolution as a result of which the spiritual heritage of India will manifest itself in the lives of each one of us.

No revolution is made in a day. Destruction can take place in a day but not reconstruction. Hence, this unique revolution of ours is a process of ascent. The youth will have to be in the vanguard in this difficult and much-needed ascent.

Will it be difficult to get a few thousand young men and women in this country of 1.32 billion who will be unselfish, courageous and farsighted enough to dedicate themselves to ‘The Real Bharat’? Let all young man and women search their hearts. Do they desire to lead lives of indolence and pleasure? I am fully confident that there are enough such young people in this country who will eagerly accept a life of hardship and danger for the sake of a high ideal.

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