Posted by Arjun Krishna
August 27, 2017

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Today in India nothing is for men. All the males & their families strive from childhood till the age of 30years till they achieve some good education & job in life. But when a woman enters into their life she destroys everything very “legally”. I have seen victims of male family members crying for even food & day to day expenses which becomes not bearable? The person who has not taken a single rupee from anybody in his life is held victim by these women biased laws. There is no protection of males from these biased laws. And our legal system you know very well which only knows to do extortion from men. It is not that people don’t know what is good or bad. But fact is our legal system doesn’t want take care of poor male child who is already harassed upto maximum. The old family members who are senior citizens & have to live retired life on pension are not able to bear all such legal expenses. Today in India any women (irrespective of literate or illiterate, may be from city or village) takes benefit of these laws & do not fear for false allegations also.

Even if the male fights for proving his innocence, he loses a lot in this battle, loses money, name & also sometimes life by committing suicide.

Tell me one thing, if a male doesn’t take any single rupee from anybody & if he falls prey to such women kanoon then how he will be saved.

I understand that this is women based society & also I respect every woman since I know that many of women are good also who are fighting today against these women biased laws. Mother is also a woman who wants to save her innocent boy.

Tell me one thing if women say (may be false also) that husband took money, then why women’s are not punished for giving any money? It is not bribing, corruption to achieve something? Who’s responsible for such corruption? Women should be strictly held responsible for all this nonsense. You believe or not but it is fact that women are more intelligent & sharp then men & can built up false plan easily to harass & arrest men very much “legally”.

I wish to lay some new rules for govt. for marriages in India as per below,

  1. Tell all men not to marry in India. Educate them that they will have to face false cases under 498, 406, etc & will be harassed under these laws. Also there is no way a poor male child can be saved since there is no law which can save him.
  2. Marriage in India to be only under contract, nobody gives anybody anything. A person who gives will be punished.
  3. If anyone wants to separate, file application & separate happily. The separation will not give anybody anything.
  4. Child care can be taken care sharing, or either as per their financial status. Nothing can be extorted in the name of the child.
  5. Both male & female earn separately & live life without any interference.

With such transparent rules only I think, the males can be saved.

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