5 Common Teenage Problems Every Collegian Should Know!

Posted by Jasmine Demeester
August 5, 2017

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It is true to say that teenage life is like a roller-coaster ride that has many ups and downs. But, it totally depends on student how to handle out this incredible challenge in a secure way. No matter what challenges of teenage life is providing you a tough time, you can’t ignore it.

In this post, we will discuss some effective solutions to tackle every teenage problem effectively. Here are 5 common teenage problems every collegian should know to handle out quickly.

  1. Unwanted Depression

Depression is the most common problem faced by teenagers that provide them a tough time and often lead to suicide. There are many factors that bring depression in teen’s life and affect their personal as well as academic life. The most common symptoms of major depression in teenagers are the lack of good night sleep and rude behavior.

This is because of the disturbed mindset that stops teens to concentrate on their current activities. If you observe any of the shared symptoms in your behavior then you should consult with a good doctor to overcome depression speedily.

  1. Drinking, Smoking & Drugs Addiction

Many teenagers think that by drinking alcohol, having drugs and smoking cigars they can overcome their problems. This is totally a wrong approach instead creates a more critical problem for students in the long term. It might help you to forget about the problem for some time but it can negatively impact on your health and career.

If you’re consuming alcohol on regular basis, then you should find out the reason behind it to stop this habit at an early age. In addition, feel free to discuss your problem with your friends and family members to overcome the problem without engaging in any wrong habit.

  1. Smartphone Addiction

It’s not a secret that many teens are best friends of their phones. They are always attached to their cell phones even in the presence of their best buddies. This is giving birth to nomophobia which rises stress level among teenagers when they are away from their cell phone.

So, one must be careful with this anxiety disorder while using smartphone day and night. You must make sure to not spend too much time in cell phone usage. Otherwise, it will become tough for you to live in the moment in the presence of your mobile devices.

  1. Late Night Partying

Many teenagers daily attain late night parties and fail to sit in their morning classes. In this case, students not only affect their academic performance but also disturb their daily life routine. Whether you do not feel happy to stay at home or you feel more comfortable with friends while partying, you must try to reach home before midnight.

When you will reach home at early you will get enough time for good night sleep as well as for your mind and body relaxation. Thus, ensure to follow the mentioned rule to bring positive change in your life.

  1. Too Much Socializing

A majority of teenagers face problems due to over socializing. The reason behind is the invention of the online socializing platforms that grabs the attention of students completely. If you’re also addicted to socializing and spending more than three hours in then you should learn the ways to prevent it. Else, you will not only disturb the balance of your personal life but also create a negative impact on your career.

Surely, by reading the information shared in the above passage, any student could easily tackle common teenage problems to live a hassle free college life.


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