5 Flaws of the System That Makes Students Buy Research Papers

Posted by noellelussier
August 15, 2017

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There are many reasons why students decide to buy research papers from writing companies. Many people think that it’s the case of laziness or the lack of motivation, but a huge part of it is the education system that exists in this country.

Reasons Why Students Decide to Buy Research Papers Online

It’s not a secret that something is deeply wrong with the system of education. Anyone can check out international scores and they will see that students in the US score really low. That is true not only for STEM subjects but for literacy tests and many other things too. That indicates that something is flawed inside the system.

 Students are not interested in the subjects they have.

Many schools have a rather limited range of subjects students can choose from. But they still have to choose something, so kids have to stick with things they don’t really like. Actually, this problem is really a tough one to solve, as adding more subjects to a curriculum would make education even costlier.

They are obliged to study things they don’t care about.

When a kid decides to buy a research paper, they usually do it when they don’t care much about a subject. If you go to an average high school philosophy or government class, you’ll see many kids that just have to take a social science class for a credit. They don’t care about a subject in general.

Many teachers only prepare kids for tests.

This is a big issue in AP classes. There are other classes where kids only learn those things they need for ACT testing. Everything else is simply ignored, so they don’t have time for those activities and things they really enjoy.

There isn’t much room for free thinking. 

There are strict forms and rules for various projects that don’t leave you a chance to change something. This is a terrible thing, as it discourages kids from taking actions and diving deeper into what they really like.

Kids have to work in the ways they don’t like.

Many teachers practically force students to work in pairs or groups they don’t want to be in. This prevents kids to open their potentials and kills their self-esteem in many ways. They usually describe those experiences as highly unpleasant and they don’t learn a lot in those situations.

A Huge Success of Paper Writing Help Services

When you have all of those issues present, it’s not surprising that those services have a wide popularity among kids. There are also many types of those companies, so anyone can find something they like and need. You can deal with the most complicated projects there, it’s all possible. Another big point of their success is that those companies become really affordable for anyone. Right now, even an average kid can easily afford a research paper.

It’s not surprising that students order their projects. If you add sports, social and family life, health issues and peer pressure to the list of already existing problems, you’ll see that coping with everything is nearly impossible. Also, in many cases, it’s an issue of a project, as those papers tend to be complicated and ask a lot from a student.

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