Posted by Abhi Jain
August 29, 2017

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Men might have come from Mars and women probably came from Venus, but today, both of these alien races live together on Earth, trying to co-exist, engaging in a lifelong competition of trying to impress each other. The rules of attraction are unwritten, the parameters and trump cards are always changing and winning seems two continents away.

Don’t fret though, if you’re slowly resigning yourself to a prize that seems like less than what you deserve, we’re here to give you an edge, one that will make the woman you desire – and all of the others, really – go weak in the knees.

People around you might say that diamonds are a woman’s best friend, but they’ve got it all wrong. Buy her a pair of shoes instead – she’ll use and love them more – and while you’re at it, get yourself in style as well. 

There’s nothing that will get you noticed more than a good – and we mean good – pair of shoes, and we compiled a list to help you through picking a good one.

1. Go the Classic Black Route: When in doubt, go black. Better yet, go classy and black. There’s nothing more impressive that a well-kept, simple yet stylish pair of black formal dress shoes that will check the ‘fashionable’ box off your lady’s list. It’s simple and you can never go wrong with it, so if you don’t own a pair yet, what are you even waiting for?    

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2. Leather is NOT your answer: Worried about what kind of shoes to buy? Nothing screams cruelty in the eyes of a woman more than a pair of shiny and no doubt ridiculously expensive leather shoes. They show that you’re willing to kill an animal or two for a so-called fashionable accessory. The earth, as we like to say, belongs to all of us so stop wearing animals and start respecting them instead.



3. Go Formal: There has been no woman ever who has gotten even slightly turned on by a pair of flip-flops. They’re something only children and boys who might call themselves men wear. Real men, on the other hand, are all about a good pair of shoes – whether they’re formal or slip-ons – because they know what women want. So, take our pro tip and make the best use of it.

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 4. Red, White or Brown? Maybe a little bit of it all: If a pair of plain black shoes seem like something that every single guy out there does, and you’re looking for a little something more to make a statement, go with a combination of the classic colours. Go black and white or black and brown or even black and red. They’re not just those classic black shoes, they’re a classic with a twist that you’ll never want to kick off your feet.

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5. Put on a Bow, Accessorize it up: If your style sense is best described as always willing to try something new, get yourself a pair of shoes with an accessory attached to them, instead of just another boring old pair of laces. Go on an adventure with bows on a pair of suede shoes, pattern it up or even get shoes with a pair of small tassels attached to it.

Go ahead, step out in style. Get noticed. Be unforgettable. Eyelashes will flutter, knees will go weak and you’ll be the centre of every woman’s attention, all because of your shoes.

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