A Celebration Called Voting!

Posted by Priyanka Tamuley
August 11, 2017

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(This piece has been written as an entry to the contest Ideathon as a part of the campaign #JetSetVote ) 

The way we Indians celebrate festivals or occasions, why not celebrate Voting? We need to inculcate this exact same feeling among the millenials- “With great power, comes great responsibilities.” A nation-wide campaign should be created in a manner that promotes this as a fact- voting is a superpower that every Indian citizen has, whether we exercise the superpower or let it go to waste, and how judiciously we utilise our power, will bring out a difference. Each voting centre can be turned into fun zones (carnivals) for the whole family to come and be a part of the experience, with the above 18 years folks voting simultaneously. Basically it is all about the feeling of national pride that should be embedded within the hearts of the millenials with some fun element to complement.

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