A day when police tried to have sex with Us

Posted by Naveen Tokas
August 3, 2017


It was a spring summer season when I ( www.facebook.com/engineernaveen.tokas ) (Tanishq) and my boyfriend Sam (name changed) went out to hang out. We wanted to go to such a place where there is no one but only alone because people had stopped the streets everywhere for us for our LGBTQ society.

Because we were gay we thought it was good, why not sit down and talk all the time together and we spent time together, but what did we know that something with us today is going to happen that no one could thought that in their life. We were doing a lot of fun while sitting in the arms of each other, but we were not doing anything wrong objectionable thing for our society. Then a Delhi Police the monster came over there. He started to stare at us. We asked him what happened. Is there any problem. He started shouting. He did not say anything. He just pulled a copy from the motorcycle and came to us and told us you both are gay and i will not leave you easily.

I hate homosexuals, leaving you both in and out. We both were scared he started asking for us our identity card and we had our addhar card, but we did not want to give it. He started checking our bag. He removed my aadhar card from my bag and took me to a corner and told Sam that you got standing here. He quietly grabbed my shirt button and started peeking inside the shirt, after speaking, I used to speak I’m afraid I started crying. I did not know that it was a police that is more than a monster. My boyfriend was screaming from there Do not do it and I was screaming from here don’t worry Sam I will handle? But police speaks calm down both of you cannot escape easily, from my hands, I have to admit a condition for what we want to say. Do you believe that both of you are smooth, do you both you can have sex with me. He told me you are chikna I want your ass. He asked my boyfriend for sucking.We refused. He started to note all the numbers from our identity card, and started to note the number of the house. He snatched our phone. Then we talked. Say something and tell us what can we do? “Your life is in danger for you”. He says how long you will take court. I will call the van from the police station or will call in your house. We were afraid we had nothing to speak. Because we had such a time never seen before.


When we refused to have sex, she grabbed my friend’s pant and I redeemed it. I said, sir, whatever money you want, you should accept it but we do not do all this. He cheated me, I heard the voice of going and he stood up quietly, then he said softly. You have three solutions. First, either the police station, the second or the other, do the sex, or else the fine 5000.We said, Sir, we are ready to fill the fine. The police said that I want 5000 rupees rupees, we said Sir 5000 what thing he said that you have spoiled the role of Delhi due to 377 law, an FIR could be lodged against the law and if this FIR has been filed then you will have to go to the lifetime prison. We said, ‘Sir, we did nothing so that the FIR of 377 is lodged.’ he said quietly and took out the sticks, we feared we were afraid that he’ll turn right call at our house, so we started to withdraw quietly to me and sam gave him Rs 3,000 as we ₹ were not with 5000. We what we could do at that time, he would call us at home if our life was wasted. My boyfriend was studying doctor and I was studying engineering. He gave him the money and then someone came there, then he went away. It was such a country that we had never seen in our life. Now we will meet where the cloak can go, we do not sit in the house, do not even talk in the park. Can the Delhi Police not let the people live? We also have a crime to love whether there is any sin even sitting together. Is it also a crime to think about your life if If you hate sex, then why did you say that he did not like sex with gay, he was not very painful on that day, but my friend and I forgot it well. But even today, the day remembers that day, shook the whole day in this relationship. For a week, we were afraid that the police will call our house, will send some letters, will they send someone to our house? We have been for a week, because we have never seen such a thing in our entire life that we did not know anything, and after a week when nothing happened We understood that it was just his move for money and fun. We are gay people and we are in our own city, all around the walls of our own city. Also has live in suffocation that is my story.


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