Posted by Shriti Pandey
August 25, 2017


Dear society,
We meet at every bus-stop, every metro station, at every intersection where a component of you is busy bargaining and screaming at a roadside vendor. We meet in schools and colleges, in government and private hospitals. We meet at my friend’s place and in my house. In short, we greet each other at almost every nook and corner of the lanes I walk in.
You have a cryptic dialect, your words are sarcasm-dipped and judgement flavoured. The woes of others are the daily entertainment scenes of your snack time. You are the gossipmonger providing sufficient frequency to the baseless rumours. Detaching yourself from rationality, you wear the capes of religion and casteism, with raging nationalism.
You while sipping tea, readily drain off your female counterpart’s reputation, satisfactorily sigh at the failures of your competitors, get amused when there is a usage of “status-uplifting” foreign language but look down upon those using regional form of speech in conversation. You are blue-blooded hypocrites refusing to acknowledge the flash of silver lining in the dreams of the common man.
You are the reason why inequality and prejudice have escalated to an extent where they can’t be undone, no more. Your fear has enveloped the lives of mankind, ceasing his potential and unwavering quest towards discovery that man has stopped living for himself and believing in himself. Rather efforts in bulk are regularly put to please you. Your irrationality and lack of immediate action has led to rape culture, corruption, poverty, extremism, intolerance and collapse of political, social and economic structure of our nation.
It is high time for you to step down the pedestal constructed by us. It is high time for you to take a backseat and let the young minds get hold of themselves and the rein of the nation. It time for you to be silent and let women decide their future and choices, be it marrying or being a bachelorette, adopting a child or giving birth to a child, starting a start-up or a starting a family family, raising kids or raising business, wearing a short dress or draping dupatta. It is high time for you to stop being judgemental and let boys decide their future and career options, whether to a find a job with a good pay-package or to find a wife earning well and deciding to work from home. It is high time for you to emancipate culture from rudimentary beliefs and let love blossom against the tide of hatred, irrespective of sexuality. It is high time that you start believing in us.
Yours truly,
                        A part of you.

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