A Mother’s respect, a Nation’s Pride- The Freedom Walk

Posted by Riddhi Shah
August 21, 2017

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Doesn’t your blood boil when someone abuses your mother? Or when someone disrespects her? I mean, come on, who wouldn’t be furious? Most of us will say “Of course, why that is even a question?” or maybe “I’ll kick the hell out of him”; and some will even hurl a series of abuses towards the person in return. We are angry, obviously! So why don’t we show the same anger towards those idiots who do not know how to respect our National Flag? Isn’t Mother India our mother? Don’t we know what a national flag is supposed to mean? So, let’s revise our basic civics we learnt back in school. Our National Flag is not just a piece of orange-white-green colored paper. It is a symbol of respect and pride for the Nation! It means we respect our nationality and we are proud to be Indian. That’s the idea behind hoisting our flag and saluting it. It deserves to be up in the air, and not on the ground just to be trampled upon or be thrown in dustbins. It should kill us to see such a view, as proud citizens of India.  The Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971, clearly states that any act that disrespects the Indian Flag shall attract penalty and prosecution.

Every year on 15th August and 26th January, we see ‘patriots’ showing off their patriotism by waving the flag, humming desh-bhakti songs and not to forget wearing mini flags on their heart. And what about the poor flag, the next day? Thrown on the ground, people walking all over them, some even lying in gutters and some covered in paan-stains! WHY? The Azaadi-fever is over? Well, the feeling that you get when you see such an insult to your country’s flag is the actual Desh-Bhakti! Remember, the only time a flag can be placed horizontally is when it is kept on a martyr’s body to honor his sacrifice for his country.

Thus, to bring awareness about the same, an NGO in Thane- Aarna Foundation got associated with Yuva-Niti with the help of VPM and Satish Pradhan Dnyansadhana Colleges’ NSS and NCC students. They conducted a silent walk called as “The Freedom Walk” which involved 100+ students to make the people aware about such malpractices and to stop it. They walked for about 7.5 kms marking a silent protest against this issue. It was alarming for them to find 25 flags lying in dustbins and on the ground. Mr. Chinu Kwatra, co-founder of the NGO says, “If we can’t respect the flag, why buy it? Patriotism is not for one day. It’s a sensitive issue which people should understand and treat the flag respectfully. It is everyone’s duty.”

So you’ll ask- what to do? How to dispose a flag in the most dignified way? The answer is, let’s not buy it in the first place! When you buy something, you ought to dispose it after it has served its purpose. But a flag doesn’t deserve such a disposal. Why do we need to buy paper and plastic flags, when we can unfurl a cloth flag in the air?  Will it not give a better feeling of independence, when we see our Tiranga in the air, swaying freely? Or the easiest thing could be wearing a tri-color in paint on the wrist of the right hand which can be washed off later on.

Mr. Chinu Kwatra would also like to thank all the youth (mentioned below) who played a major role to make this event a successful and hopes that we the people of India, will come together henceforth and stop such insults to our pride, our mother, our Tiranga! JAI HIND!!

Akshay Mandhare, Tanvi Mane, Moushmi Kajbaje, Pranay Vichare, Vikrant Khupte & Aniket Ahirwar

Satish Pradhan Dnyansadhana College

NSS Students– Akshata Jadhav, Preeti Panchal, Sayali Mhamumkar, Nikita Nalawade,Pratiksha Bote, Nisha Pawar, Komal Shinde, Nisha Kadam, Sonali Patil, Shraddha Nilesh Kolge, Rupali S, Varsha Jadhav, Rina Kamble, Priyanka Bhosale, Apurva Parab, Jyoti Borge, Vaibhav H, Suresh Jadhav, Kuldeep Patil, Mangesh B, Sangam Gaikwad, Rushikesh Ghanekar, Aakash Kale, Karan M,Aakash Dhotre, Pratik Mane, Digamber Shinde, Vinay Shilmkar, Vishal Mhaske, Rameshwar Deshmane

NCC Students– Vishal Thorat, Aditya Gaikwad, Aniket Sonawane, Vijay Mukhiya, Amit Singh, Suraj Rana, Tajmohmad Saiyaali Shaikh,Kiran Bhogale, Vinod Kumawat, Ganesh Kumawat, Narendra Shivsinde, Saurabh Boyane, Vishal Gupta, Kiran Shinde, Sanjay Kumawat, Omkar Vitthal Shinde, Vishal Damare, Rohan Shete, Omkar Nikam, Sushil Medhe, Risikesh Waghmare, Aniket Mane

V.P.M’s R.Z Shah College, Mulund East

NSS Students– Neha Bhoir, Riya Kadwadkar, Shravani Turai, Priyankar Gauda, Pooja Suvarna, Vaishnavi Vaity, Saideep Shetty, Aman Garud, Sandesh Garud, Roshan Salian, Puneeth Kotian, Kirthi Gowda, Prajwal Shetty, Sairaj Shetty, Omkar Vende, Nikhil Gangan, Shreenidhi Kulkarni, Sanket Jadhav, Bharat Jangid, Sandeep Mahadik, Adish Shisupal, Mobin Shaikh, Sujay Malagi, Sai Sawant, Ajay Verma, Pranav Shirke, Gaurav Shelatkar, Parvej Shaikh, Ankur Rajak, Harshal Gadekar, Suraksha Shetty, Srushti Nalavade



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