A Mumbai-based Single Dad’s Guide to Daughter’s Birthday Party

Posted by Ankita Sehgal
August 17, 2017

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It is tough being a single dad, isn’t it? And when you have a little bundle of joy and naughtiness in the shape of a daughter to deal with, it can get pretty difficult. With office and corporate life taking over most of your day, it gets hard to find time for your daughter.

Let’s say you guys hang out regularly at the malls in your place. But is that enough to get to know your daughter’s likes and dislikes? What happens when it is your daughter’s birthday? Does the thought of organizing a spectacle for her leave you in a fix?

Well, there is nothing in this world that you can’t hack. So, sit back.

Here is the guide to your daughter’s birthday party to save your day, and make her day:

The Venue

Should you take her out to the party, or have it at home? Today, a lot of kids’ restaurants and gaming arcades offer custom parties for occasions such as birthdays. In fact, setting a theme for the whole event might be a fun idea!

The Cake

What’s her favorite flavor? Chocolate? Strawberry? If you are confused, then go for the rainbow cakes topped with colorful gems. If you want to add a personal touch, then get her image on the cake!

The Guest List

So, you are organizing the most kickass party for your daughter. But how will you invite her friends without even knowing who they are? Try accompanying her to her school to get to know her classmates, especially on parent-teacher meetings. Have a chat around with the neighbors, and keep an eye out on who her playmates are in the society or your neighborhood. A word with all her friends’ parents about the surprise bash will be enough, and you won’t have to worry about a lonely birthday party.

The Gift

Shopping in Mumbai can be a headache, not because of the lack of options, but an abundance of them. So, how do you pick the best gift for your little girl? At the age she is, she might be into toys and stuff. One of the malls in Mumbai has an amazing Barbie shop, and if your daughter is a huge fan, which is a heavy possibility, then getting a doll set will be the best birthday present ever!

The Décor

If the party is being organized at some fancy place, then leave the décor to the organizers. But if you have been a brave man and decided to host it at your home, then you will need to be industrious with the decorations. You can easily order the balloons, ribbons, glitter, and anything that might add to the theme, such as inflatable cartoon character dolls, online and have everything home-delivered. Get over your friends to give you a hand with the setup, and it should be over in a jiffy!

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