Aakash Saha- “Because some relationships give you a reason to FLY and SOAR HIGH”

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August 16, 2017

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Aakash Saha- “Because some relationships give you a reason to FLY and SOAR HIGH”
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aakash saha- campusvibes
“Whatever you do Good or Bad, People will always have something negative to say!!”

It is very rightly said, “when people start criticizing you, it’s a sign that you’re on the right path”, one such miraculous personality is Aakash Saha, a student turned model, who has gone through a journey of crests and troughs because he is a GAY and fought against all odds to be what he is.

Aakash has worked with brands like Fab India, Amazon, Homeshop18 and many more. A person whose scars made him a stronger and a much confident personality.



CampusVibes, speaks with Aakash to know as to what gave him the strength and wisdom to follow his dreams. Here’s his journey from LIMITATIONS TO LIBERATION.

So Aakash tell us about your journey of being a successful print model and the story behind your success being a print model?
Never thought a dark guy with a skinny physique and zero knowledge about fashion can make it to something big which I am now.It was in the year 2010 when I was performing for Shamal in an event and like other guys I also wanted to do something big and always wanted to be in modeling space but didn’t have that confidence or looks.
So something strange happened at that event, one of the model coordinator and fashion photographer saw me and he asked me if I would like to do a shoot for him based on a dance concept. So this is how my journey started, he made me feel that I can do better and helped me to work on my looks starting from my “champu” hairdo, physique, helped me how to face the camera and most importantly how to be confident.akash saha- Campusvibes
My first shoot was done by Steve grant who is a renowned photographer and he helped me grab my first ever contract with Fab India. After that, I moved on to be the first guy from Delhi to work for an online gay magazine “fun magazine” without thinking about anything. So I started working with fab India, fun magazine, did a commercial shoot for Homeshop 18 , Amazon , Snapdeal and recently working with Network 18 and few concept based shoots based on LGBT rights (377) and also got associated with amazing campaigns like love matters , scruff (online gay application ), am currently working on a web-series also which is based on LGBT with MTV and [hehehhe…] most interestingly I’m now auditioning for BIGG BOSS11. I am now in the last round so have crossed my fingers and am hoping for the best. Apart from being a print model, I am a fashion stylist too.
What was the most challenging part of your journey of being a print model and how did you overcome that?
Every person goes through a bad time but I guess what one should stress upon is never let yourself down. One should certainly learn from their bad times and be more strong.I would not say being in a relationship for 4 years is not something strange but yes it’s true when we love, we don’t see what is right and wrong and we just care about our needs. So yes our break up was the most challenging part and also a reason being a print model, I was away from my modeling life and my family due to someone but when it ended, it got me back on my track. This was the most challenging part of my life because my career was at stake and thus I needed to pull up my socks.
My family was my strength and I realized that I cannot put my life at stake because of a silly mistake. If one believes that one can do anything then nothing can stop him/her irrespective of your circumstances. One year down the line when I look back, I see myself as a more strong, bold and confident person.


Where did you get the inspiration from?
As said I was not from a fashion background nor was surrounded with classy people. My inspiration was my attitude and I always believed in myself even after being made fun of, being nagged for my complexion, or called me CHINKI etc.
This criticism worked as a source of inspiration for me that I have the caliber to overcome and prove everyone around WRONG. There was no sense of self-doubt in me, I knew I can prove it.
How difficult was it to make your family and closed ones understand you and your feelings as a GAY?
One misconception about being a young gay person is that you have to “come out” all at once, and then after you’re just openly A GAY to the world. But it’s not like that – you have to come out, again and again, to every person you meet. And there is nowhere you can go to be completely safe from an ugly reaction. Since straight is the default, people will never stop assuming the wrong thing about my sex life, so I have constantly faced with two options: Ignore it and pretend to be something I’m not, or politely correct them and risk completely derailing the conversation (or, in extreme cases, getting assaulted). And I made this choice all the time. Every new class, every new job, when I meet friends of co-workers or people at events, people I used to know at another school, siblings’ friends and their (heterosexual) boyfriends and girlfriends, cousins’ friends,people at weddings , who inevitably want to know when I’ll be getting married and who this nice lady I’m with is. In any given mixed social situations, I’m constantly double-checking the gender of my pronouns and then scanning listeners for accepting faces or sudden disgust.
So for me, society will never support you until the time you stand for yourself. Take a stand for what you do (it has to be right), and all society people are not same , likewise fingers differs. As we stay in a mixed society so few will accept and others may not . I made myself clear that it’s my life and I have to make myself happy and in order to do that I have to love doing and being what I am.

How was your childhood like? Can you throw some light on the problems you faced?
I was born in Assam, did schooling from sacred heart school, 12th from Darrang college, moved to Dehradoon for my further studies post which completed graduation from Sherwood college. The only reason I moved to Doon was to complete my diploma in RTR ( Radio Telephonic Restriction ) but I left.
Yes! I quit from the course and started working with Vodafone and other companies like Amex and started my professional career.
So if I talk about the problem I don’t think I have faced any problem reason being since my dad passed away and my uncle took care of me and my three elder sisters helped us to complete our schooling and made sure we get what we needed.
But one thing I always realized I wanted to be glamorous and hot when I was in school which every kid wishes to have and was somehow missing from my life but then I don’t regret. My life has been complicated when I started modeling as we all know fashion industry is not at all about simplicity. So yes, I changed myself completely according to their norms and no matter it was awful at certain times but with time I have realized life is not easy to deal with and one needs to make compromises in order to achieve something.
What are your future plans?
So far I consider myself being a blessed one as I am doing pretty good in my work and have few good assignments in modeling but my future plans start with completing my MBA which I am planning since last two years.Preparing myself for something big when it comes to being in the fashion industry so yes will explore myself in Dehradoon fashion week for the first time.
akash saha- campusvibes
Will also explore myself more in few interesting campaigns associated with LGBT rights, women rights, etc.
So all in I am looking forward to being a more better version of MYSELF.
Any advice that you wish to give to others?
Every individual is different and we can’t change people’s perception. My simple advice to everyone is that:
“If anything annoys you or disgusts you, do not follow the #throwback attitude, taste your words before spitting. Trust me words can do a much bigger damage to the other person’s life and secondly, spread love it has emmense power to change frowns to smiles.”
Rapid fire
ONE SUCCESS TIP – Be bold, be confident and never care what people say do what you feel and makes you happy

IMPORTANT LESSON LEARNT- Everyone has its own strength and weaknesses don’t play with anybody’s emotions
ONE HABIT THAT MAKES YOU MORE PRODUCTIVE- My never give up attitude and I take all criticism with a smile
A QUOTE THAT INSPIRES YOU THE MOST- Whenever you doubt yourself just remember how far you have come, everything you have faced, all the battles you have won and all the fears you have come up
ONE MISTAKE YOU BELIEVE EVERY INDIVIDUAL MUST AVOID: – Don’t avoid people. Value Relationships
THREE QUALITIES THAT AN INDIVIDUAL SHOULD HAVE TO BE SUCCESSFUL:-Hard work, Never give up spirit and be open to learning (no one is perfect so accept your mistakes and learn from them)
That was Aakash Saha a FASHION STYLIST and a MODEL #staytuned for more inspiring interviews of students under the series #LIMITATIONS_TO_LIBERATION from Campusvibes.

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Aakash Saha- “Because some relationships give you a reason to FLY and SOAR HIGH”

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