‘You Worshipped A Rapist For 15 Years’: To Anyone Supporting Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh

Posted by Astha Punj in Society
August 25, 2017

Dear fellow being,

I’m restraining myself from calling you ‘human’ because I feel a basic condition for being human is having a sense of judgement and a little humanity. I fail to understand what magic your ‘Papaji’ must’ve done on you to blind you to this extent. All your demands to set him free – to set a rapist free – pose as a perfect example of how nothing should be grey. It is a case of absolute black and white, right and wrong, and you, without a doubt, are on the wrong side.

I vehemently oppose all your arguments, that is, if you even have any, and beg you to stop this nuisance. While I don’t question your set of beliefs (which may force you to think of Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh as a noble man), I am wondering about your ability to see right and wrong. What values are you passing on to your future generations? What kind of a country are you creating for your daughters? I don’t doubt his societal initiatives but they, in no way, eliminate or justify his heinous act.

Over 15 deaths, continuous mob violence, cancelled trains, suspended internet, innumerable threats and the need to enforce a curfew – all this for a rapist who claims to be a ‘spiritual saint’ (as per his Twitter handle). In my opinion, this man is far from being a saint. I can’t imagine what miraculous deed he must’ve done to gain the support of so many people such as yourself.

You worshipped a rapist for 15 years. Wake up! You’ve been sleeping for too long, blinded by pretty words of a self-proclaimed saint. You are not only putting the peace of the nation at stake, but in my eyes, by supporting a criminal like him, are also securing a place in hell (assuming that this is the only concept clear in your head). Let justice breathe.

Thank you.

Yours lovingly,