An Open Letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi by a Delhi University Student

Posted by Arpit Bhalla
August 29, 2017

Dear Prime Minister,

When it comes to one of India’s largest youth population – students – Bharat stands at a crossroads. Of demographic dividend or disaster. Hope or despair.

We are at risk.

Being students in Delhi, personally, we don’t feel that whatever is happening in this country is justified.

Where is India heading? This doesn’t define democracy. Does it? Slogans like “Desh badal raha hai, Aagey badh raha hai” are not justified.

This week proved out to be the most sensitive week for the entire nation as important decisions like right to privacy, Triple Talaq, and then the Ram Rahim Case were executed.

And the latest being the Ram Rahim Case, is getting worse day by day. The self-proclaimed Messengers of God are contradicting their own titles. These people are burning public places, acting like animals, because of them, not just a city, but two different states and the capital of the country is CLOSED. Except for these three states, parts of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh are also affected. Every school, college, office and other work places are being banned. Transportation is highly affected. No group of five people can be together; nobody can give a speech or even walk together. People are scared to remain at their places or anywhere outside. Sab Kuch bandh!

This is not what God would ask them to do, right? Alright, to give a cherry on the top, Haryana’s Hon. Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar is being asked to resign.
We feel that whatever the situation is, it is not appropriate to be happening in a democratic country. Delhi being the metropolitan city and a capital has students from all over the world. And students who hail from faraway places, be it India or abroad are petrified. We are getting calls from our homes to be safe. Our parents are terrified for their children, for their safety. The situation is devastated. Recently, it was reported, several trains, buses, schools, and stations are being burnt. Media people are being attacked. God knows if they’re going to drag people from their homes. How should we feel safe? And most importantly, where? Because they are spreading their terror literally everywhere. Who is going to pay for all the damage being occurred? Isn’t there any solution for damage control? Is this what we call a Democratic Country? Are these Achche Din?What is the government waiting for? Can they feel the pain that we do?

(Source : The Financial Express)

Under these circumstances, it is so much of a mental pressure and tension crossing our minds. We’re under High Alert. Trapped in our own houses or we know that if we step out, we’re going to be killed or burnt! Isn’t that enough to be stressed out much? People living in Haryana are in danger. Police and Army have come to make them feel safe. More than 300 people are already injured and around 35 people are already dead. Maybe while we’re writing this, some more are added to it. Isn’t there any way to save those innocent lives? In colleges, this is the peak time for the elections to be held. Colleges start introducing democracy. The parties in the Colleges start promoting themselves. We have to make a structure, a student union so that the democracy is maintained in our colleges too. So this makes it the high time for the candidates to start campaigning. All this is next to impossibleunder a HIGH ALERT. All these things require meeting of people, delivering a speech in front of people and if needed speak out some slogans, which we don’t see happening right now!


“My internship is on a verge of cancellation because of the high alert. This internship was going to prove out to be the most important ones in my career. I have got tons of calls from my parents to not leave home. What should I do? Skip my meal or just starve here? It’s none of my business if he has so many followers. What I know is, he is a rapist and people should not blindly follow a person but follow a person’s ethics. I cannot go to my home to feel safe because the trains are being burnt. I’m unable to go to places where I teach, to my college where I study, to my work place. This is just mental tension and being a girl, nothing improves, it just multiplies.” a DU girl quoted.


Why should we suffer because of one self-made Messenger of God who as declared by the court is a rapist and did such a horrendous thing with an innocent and then threatened her to keep her mouth shut? This country for a rape case holds Candle Marches for an innocent girl being raped, and then in the same country people blindly follows a person who has raped a girl but does not want to follow the Court but instead smolders a city or more. How is that fair? Who is right? The innocent girl whose identity is being hidden because of no crime she has ever committed or a rapist who has some million followers because of some torturous Bollywood movies he made where he can be seen wearing gaudy clothes and doing some actions. And they support him by calling him their ‘God’, ‘a noble soul’ and what not. *too much irony*

Now there is a ban being declared for next 15 days, which means that the colleges will remain closed for that period. Do you even realize how much that affects our studies? Already we have next month with so many festivals upcoming so we will be having holidays for those days and plus, this unnecessary 15 days vacation.
This is our open letter to the Government and to the problem creators (read: messengers). This needs to be stopped. This is just gonna ask for people’s lives. Democracy is meant to be,“to the people, for the people, and by the people.” If people of India being Indians do this, imagine the effect it’s going to leave on the upcoming generation and the most powerful sector of our society; youth!

I write this to you on behalf of millions of students and their families and seek your support and guidance in the betterment of this circumstance. While the country must be ensured its due place of pride in the emerging world order, it must also ensure enduring peace & prosperity for its future generations.
The country knows that your government has inherited a difficult situation, but given who you are, we believe if anyone can fix it, it is YOU. And the time is NOW.
Let us fix up this situation.

Yours Sincerely,

From a thoughtful student of Hansraj College, Delhi University- Arpit Bhalla

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