Animal’s Right

Posted by Urmimala Das
August 5, 2017

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The abuse of nature’s innocents

makes me come to their defense.

My heart takes offense.




Hunting for pleasure- is a disgusting act and I can’t understand the pleasure some people obtain from killing the beautiful creatures of our forests. Birds, animals make this earth wonderful with their glorious presence and they have equal right to live as humans. But we humans are not ready to accept this truth. We are not happy to see them roaming freely in the forests. So we bring them to the circus, torture them horribly so that they entertain us and live their rest life in prison. We kill them to get their skin; we need their teeth, we need their horns and what not! And when we don’t have a reason to kill, we kill them for pleasure too. We kill them to establish our superiority.

Few days back I read an article where the writer (She is not an Indian) raised an issue of killing the poachers in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, India. Directly or indirectly she questioned,’ Is it ethical to kill humans for the safety of rhinos or elephants?’  I was taken aback by her question.  Who is she to decide the life value of those wild animals? Is she unaware of the brutal killing of elephants and rhinos in Kaziranga National Park? Didn’t they feel terrible pain when those animals faced horrible death for their horns or tusks? If the poachers don’t feel the pain of those wonderful living beings and gift them brutal death, how do they deserve to live in this planet? If it is about human right, where is the animal’s right? If those poachers have their families, those animals have their families too.  Didn’t she notice any baby rhino sucking his mother’s breast -that was lying there dead? If she has not seen such scenario till date, she should keep her mouth shut and should do a detail study before writing something.  Human psychology says, ‘we are superior to rest animals and we are here to rule over other.’ This thought worked when the writer wrote that article. We are not here to rule over others, we are here to care of all those living beings that don’t have a voice to fight for their rights.

Only a sadist can accept that Slaughtering of wild animal is a manly sport. Hunting, at any form is a sadistic act. Do live and let live.


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