Are we really humans or mere spectators?

Posted by Santosh Kumar Mamgain
August 27, 2017

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In the past few months, a new (and horrific) trend is spreading its roots in the nation. a wave of insensitivity and lack of emotions has captured our emotions. humanity is being scrutinized by the gaze of technology, and everything, almost everything is worthy of being clicked and shared. we no longer care for the dying man in the path, and if we do our priority gets divided between taking pictures and posting on social media. the basic human instincts takes a backseat. when words sound empty and emotions die a horrible death, sentiments take a backseat and cowardice takes over. then people no longer remain human, they become “spectator”. yes, we all are part of this infamous brigade. we love bragging and boasting about social responsibilities, but develop cold feet when something really needs to be done and in quick time. people keep on dying and people eye their belongings even at the time of grave crisis like the Uttrakhand floods or even recent road accidents where the passing people stole the belongings of the person and let the person die, is a testimony to this horrific fact. its high time we realize the facade of humanity that we so eloquently and rigorously proclaim, its high time we realize that you can do much more to the victim by calling an ambulance rather than by posting it on social media. This is the extreme level of abuse of technology where human life is dwarfed and representation and appearance takes a high pedestal. The accompanying video is an effort on our part to raise this vital issue and make people introspect over the great sin we are committing in the service of humanity. let’s use machine and not become one. be a human, not a mere spectator who see, who knows but doesn’t act.
ask this questions to yourself- are we really human or are we mere spectators?

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