As Simple As That 001

Posted by Ishan Dhyani
August 14, 2017

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So I was getting late. Setting my wet hair in the desired fashion so that they resemble Ace Ventura a bit, wiping my new round glasses and sipping hot coffee as fast as I could I ran out of the house.

It was a morning like every weekend morning. I had had my chemistry class an hour ago and now I had my computer science class and then I had to skip my afternoon nap for my mathematics class.  As you see, I have a very tight schedule these days, even tighter than that of the Prime Minister maybe.

Okay Okay. I know that was not a good joke.

The incident of today that forced me to write this journal kind of thing in the  middle of the day was something that would be considered as thought provoking and even critical by many. But I will tell you the incident.

So as I rushed out of the house, I was welcomed by two small living beings. Two small boys. They were wearing some kind of fabric I uses to wipe the kitchen slabs. They were having  shabby hair. Or I’ll rather say extremely shabby hair. And what I failed to notice was they had some receipt book type of thing in their hands.

Seeing a confused look on my face one of my little guests said “ Bhaiya, Janmashtmi ka chanda de do”

Without giving a second thought I rushed inside picked up a fifty rupee note from my table and was about to donate it when I realized “No this is too much” I quickly borrowed ten from my dad and handed over the note to Chotu, inviting immense satisfaction on his face.

“ Bhaiya” said the other Chotu, “Aapka naam kya hai?”

“ Ishan” I answered in a hurry.

“Ishant” nodded Chotu

“Yarr ‘t’ nahin atta isme” I replied.

I was almost seated in the car when I realized Chotu was tearing off my receipt.

I got out of the car, collected the receipt as if it were a reward and smiling at the way my name was spelled set off for my classes.

I forgot I was getting late


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