Because the rest of us are depending on you -wake up and vote

Posted by Sandeep Choudhary
August 23, 2017

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ARTICLE 326 of the constitution provides that the election to the house of people and to the legislative assembly of every state shall be on the basis of adult suffrage , that is to say, a person should not be less than 21 years of age.But in the year 1989 this act was amended and the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 because the govt. thought that the present day youth are literate and enlightened and the lowering of the voting age would provide to the unrepresented youth of the country an opportunity an opportunity to give vent to their feelings and help them became a part of the political process .
But what are we doing ?. we are so busy in our daily chores that we are somewhere lost among the hustle and bustle of the city life. The election comes and go without half of the population paying attention to it.The highest recorded voter turnout in India was recorded in 2014 for the LOK SABHA election was 66%, That means close to half of the population does not exercise their right to vote.Whereas in many countries people die fighting for democracy,people still risk their lives in some countries for the right to vote.
So, there are some suggestion which election commission can do to create awareness among voters and they are as follows :
1. There should be clear representation of political parties manifesto in more lucid manner.Policies related to today’s generation should be more emphasised and how they are going to be affected by their policies ,how their votes can help to change their current political scenario .The best way to connect to them is to make some policies of their interest like lowering of interest rate for student loans and bigger grants for poor students.
2. The politicians should not come and ask for vote just for a protocol ,they should interact more with them on some ground issue like any other common man while playing with them or involving in their area of interest as it was done in varanasi ,a gully cricket was hold to craete awareness among voters.
3. There should be some apps developed , where people can directly ask their question to the respected member of their constituencies ,where they can compare their political parties agenda’s and whose agenda fits on their interest.nowadays people have keen interest on politician background so there should be an authentic app where they can get those information.
4. All the state transport buses, auto rickshaws and metros should be decorated with banners having slogans on voter awareness. Banners should be hanged across the city ,stickers should be introduced for two wheeler ,there should be regular updates on social networking sites , you tube channel, innovative advertisement should be made so that people never get a chance to forget about this important issue .it should be on a such a large scale that it create a new sensation among the youth.
5. Dramas and nukkad nataks should be organised in different part of cities and ferry artist should be employed to sing patriotic songs in places where mass gathers to create awareness
6. There should be classes on voting awareness in school and colleges and small talks with some eminent personalities could generate in them the importance of voting.They can have some competition on this issues like quiz competition,essay,art &craft competition,poetry session etc.

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