Blue Whale is Turning Red!!!

Posted by Mridul Saxena
August 2, 2017

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Recently blue whale has chosen its first Indian victim and yes, we are surprised. It took four years to make its path in India. It’s been said that the challenge ends with committing suicide, after passing through various other unrealistic challenges in the course of 50 days. Well, it may be the first of its kind, but definitely not the last.


Let’s get back to the victims of blue whale challenge, the teenagers. It’s the time when the human mind prepares a person to explore the various prospects of life. A time, when a person is more vulnerable to new things, new people or exploring new places (basically finding noun). The common factor among all the victims is ‘depression’. So, can we imagine that a 10 year old is actually suffering from depression?


The first thing I can point out will be a disruptive technological advancement. Urban Indians can easily relate with the damage it is causing, but frankly they won’t accept it. Technology does bring people closer to their near and dear ones, but at a cost which is hidden in our subconscious. Smartphones may have made people more intelligent, but also less responsible. In the meantime, what we are losing is the precious time that we can spend with the people whom we love, for whom we care or those we want to keep in touch with.


This phrase is more seen in emails, text messages than its physical existence. What we are leaving behind is physical touch. Where we can interact with people by meeting them, sharing a cup of coffee, spending time gossiping, visiting an old friend or more importantly visiting and spending time with family.


In next 10-20 years, for Indian urban population, more than 50% of deaths will have a depression written over their coffins. Children will be more influenced by technology than with their own parents. The crèche is more preferred than parenting and surely we are not aware that it is killing the whole objective of parenting. Children of age group 2-5 are more comfortable while watching television or YouTube than being with their parents. Children are becoming a mere status symbol for families, the more technological advance child is in front of peers, the more proud parents will feel.


We Indians still believe in keeping relatives with us in good and in bad times. Earlier generation will be accustomed to visiting relatives during marriages, birth celebrations, anniversaries and during grief. Now, an apology over the phone call for not being present on the occasion and sending online gifts is replacing those emotions. The festivals and other celebrations serve a purpose, where we are failing due to our 9 to 5 daily routines to get some chunks of happiness. Sooner or later the absence of family gatherings and get together will produce an emotionless society.


Yes, we can and only we can. We have many examples of rich and successful people failing to sustain because they couldn’t find someone to share. Anyone can fell prey to depression and anyone can be that help that a person in distress will need. Meet your near and dear ones, socialize more physically than on social networks. You will create stories when you meet not when you comment. Take some time out to talk to the ones who are far away from you. YOU are the sufferer, YOU are the treatment.

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