Books – The Undivorceable Companion

Posted by mahfooz alam
August 10, 2017

People my age are busy finding their soul mates; I thought why I should be out of the league, suppressing my libido thus being unfair to my hormones. Animates were falling for opposite animates, but in course of me being fair, my hormones camouflaged and got me trapped with an inanimate object. In simple words, this summer break, I fell in love with bundles of well-arranged paper. The love of books is a love which requires neither justification, nor apology, nor defence. So it is quite easy.

Life is short, why live just one? While lingering with books I found many lives, in the same very object to which I called inanimate. So reading books is not a dull or boring stuff perhaps reading is the most happening thing. A silent reader found in the corner with his book is not lost in solitude, instead is a traveller, observer and a man of erudition.

Honestly, when I started reading, it was not out of any curiosity but fancy. I was the same reader as we often see in the college stairway with books more than their weight probably and in the world class library (Digital Refreshment Park) of our so called branded college, lying on an exquisite lounge sofa reliving their back and unnecessarily aching to their eyes with a book. But in due course, I got involved and was lost in between the lines, the lines which told many untold stories, the lines which divulged many veiled truths. So I got fascinated to explore the world and manoeuvre many lives in one allotted.

Reading enhances the horizon of imagination. Unlike on television or theatre, the visual narrates the story, but one doesn’t live the character; whereas while reading, the protagonist and antagonist, both being the reader, relive the story. What would be more enthralling for a teen imagining himself as Spiderman, and folks our age getting into the character of Edward Cullen and romancing Bella Swan in the “Twilight”. Ever heard of the Game of Thrones? The most followed TV series, yeah; we love it and are crazy about it. Be it Ned Stark the powerful wise man, Robb Stark the young energetic fresh blood, and Bran Stark the kid who can foresee the future, nonetheless Jon Snow the fierce bastard, the Lord in the North. Never ever have disappointed or less-enthralled a viewer, but a reader always boasts of a never ending anxiety and thrills.

Readers are travellers; they wander around the world through the eye of pages. They experience different cultures, encounters different people from different walks of life; sometimes the happiest or saddest of them all. Khaled Hosseini, the famous bestseller, boards his reader in the flight which travels from Afghanistan to Pakistan and then to America and India. Amidst the travel, the reader gets to meet the people in absolute plight, the country in turmoil and the country going through industrialization.

Reading makes you observant. While in my case, going through “The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness” Though half read, I met India in its minutest detail. After a moment of navel-gazing, my mind hovered over the Vinod-stall at gate number three of my college. The area predominantly famous for cigarette and weed smokers, where I discovered, this is how Delhiite addresses each-other with profound love in one breath without pause.

Readers are people of erudition. I firmly believe everyone knows everything, but one thing that sets them apart from readers, they are not well-organized, but when one reads a writer like Paulo Coelho in “The Alchemist” He brings the synchronization of cluttered thoughts and ideas in jittery conscious and subconscious brain. This makes a good reader a good speaker: a speaker whose words contain weight and the world listens to him with half open mouth and unblinking eyes.

At the end why did I use the word Undivorceable though it doesn’t exist in English Dictionary? Well, we are always surrounded by many good folks, but all of them are there for some purpose, and their goodness departs with their purpose, then it will be called priority. Books will always be there steering your path ahead, it will make you aware before you totter. It has a magic wand of all mysteries. As wisely said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”.