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August 22, 2017

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Any abnormal mass or growth of cells or tissue in any part of the brain which directly or indirectly affects the normal function of the brain is referred to as a Brain tumor. This growth of tissues or rather tumors can be classified depending on where actually the cell growth originates from (primary, secondary or metastatic brain tumors), and also on whether the cells formed are cancerous (malignant) or noncancerous (benign). The location of these tumors as well as how fast they increase in the brain determines the extent to which it will alter the function of the individual’s nervous system. The truth, however, is that whichever the tumor is (malignant or benign), the brain tumor is one disease that requires urgent medical attention and adequate treatment. This can only be possible if and only if the tumor growth is detected on time. So in a bid to assist individuals in noticing the early stages of the tumor, the sign, symptom, and treatments of the tumor are discussed briefly below.

Signs and Symptoms of Brain Tumor

Medically, it is believed that the signs and symptoms of brain tumor of the brain do vary as a result of location, size and the growth rate of the tumor. There are also times and cases where the individual involved noticed or had no symptoms and signs when the tumor started developing in their brain. Note also should be taken that these symptoms can as well either be general (when it’s caused by the pressure of the tumor) or specific (this is when not all parts but some parts of the brain malfunctions because of the tumor).

Some of the general signs and symptoms include; Drowsiness, frequent and severe headaches, problems with sight and visions, fatigue, losing sensation in the arm or leg gradually, a slight change in personality, vomiting, constant seizures, problems sleeping most of the times etc. The specific symptoms on the other hand are; loss of balance speech changes, looking upwards become difficult, pressure or a headache near the tumor region, difficulty in swallowing, lactation etc.

Treatment of Brain Tumor

As with the case of the symptoms, the treatment of brain tumor also to a very large extent depends on the where the tumor is located, the size of the tumor and whether it is cancerous or not. The general health condition and medical records of the individual are also taken into accounts in prescribing the most suitable treatment for the tumor. Here are the available treatment options of brain tumor; 


Surgery is applied as a treatment option when the tumor location is easily accessible. It also be used when the tumor size is so small that it can be separated from the surrounding brain tissues without complication.

Radiation therapy

In radiation therapy, x-rays are used to kill the cells of the tumor. During this treatment, the beam can either be focused on the particular tumor location or on the whole brain.


Drugs are used (either in form of pills or injected into the vein) to kill the tumor cells in this treatment option. The particular pill used is dependent on the type of the tumor involved. Apart from the abovementioned, there is also Radio-surgery and targeted drug therapy as treatment options. Your doctor will determine which is most suitable for you after due medical examinations on you.

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