Central Board of Freedom Curtailment (CBFC) ? – Time to Rethink

Posted by Gauransh Mohan
August 6, 2017

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Great lines by Oprah Winfrey. The world is approaching fast towards ending SEXISM. And Art,like cinema,is a powerful medium to communicate strong messages and end Sexism. It causes a huge impact and acts as the voice of soul. India and Indians have always appreciated all art forms.

And Here is why we need to strongly reconsider the role of [CBFC] CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION. The recent controversies that have come out regarding their comment on upcoming film” Babumoshai Bandookbaaz” makes me pity on them. Here is what they said,” How can  someone wearing pant shirt be a woman!” AND to the producer Kiran Shroff,” Being a woman, how can you make such a movie!BEING A WOMAN !! Product of PURE SEXISM and ORTHODOX THINKING.

If a man would have made such a movie, would that be cool ? When world is going Global and India being a major player in the world, our dear CBFC is taking us back in time. And that is why we strongly need to reconsider their role. Not only this, the overly sanskari CBFC is keeping us away from some wonderful films, great content and sheer reality of the society. Here are some amazing films that didn’t go well with the Indian Censor board but got worldwide recognition and were all praises.

  • GULABI AAKHEN (Pink Mirror) {2003}

 Indian censor board refused to certify this film. The film was screened at 70 international film festivals, and  won several ‘Jury awards’ and Best film feature’ award at prestigious film festivals.


The director of the film refused to release the film in India due to several cuts demanded by the Indian Censor Board. This film bagged ‘Academy award for Best Film Editing’ , Critics’ choice movie award’ as well as ‘Excellence in Production Design award’ .

  • UDTA PUNJAB {2016}

This film needs no introduction. For this film, the Censor Board came up with 94 cuts and 13 pointers. However, the court ordered to release the film with only one cut. The film was appreciated for showcasing the stark reality of drug use in Punjab and engrossed a good sum on box office.


This film was also refused to be certified by Censor Board stating that “the film is lady oriented, their fantasy above life..”. The filmmakers appealed to “Film Certification Appellate Tribunal” who came with a list of only 16 voluntary cuts. Finally, the film was released in India in late july. The film has also been screened at 31 film festivals, making it eligible for the Golden Globe Award.

And now, the recent controversy with Babumoshai Bandbookbaaz { 2017}. One more point  that is worth noticing is, CBFC is meant to give a certificate to the film,namely

  1. U– Unauthorised public exhibition
  2. A– Adults only
  3. U/A– Unathorised public exhibition but parental guidance advised.

When “A” certificate is given to a film, it is meant for viewing by only adults. Why order tens of cuts then ! Take the case of “Babumoshai Bandbookbaaz“. The board gave “A” certificate but has demanded 48 cuts. YES 48!  What is an “A” certificate meant for then ? Makes No Sense at all.



“Cinema is universal, beyond flags and borders and passports”

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