Children, family and development

Posted by Shailendra Rai
August 13, 2017

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There have been lots of social and development interventions around children, adults and youth by introducing better curriculum in the schools, giving life skills training etc. However, some of my strong observations came out during my field visits, meeting with the family members and from my own life experience.

We can, in some way bring some effective changes among kids and the adults and this is the appropriate time to work with them in every aspect of their lives because this is the time when children are ready to take on the patriarchal roles and responsibilities or ready to adopt negative socio-cultural practices in the society. It is only logical to work with men and women at a much younger age, when they are being socialized to take on patriarchal roles in the society. After a period of time they used to of things and if he or she has experienced or gone through the negative stereotypes that’s exist in our society and they have shaped their mentality and personality accordingly, they start favouring those stereotypes and imposing on others including their children. They start seeing everything as normal, facts or something that is simply true about us and that’s why we have to stick with that and start teaching and imposing that on children. So before they reached to that stage, we have to start working with them. These are the people who teach their children to talk and to walk in early childhoods and once their children become capable of doing it the same people start teaching them to sit down and shut up.

These children live around with three generations and the other two generations play a very major roles for the growth and development of the first generation and it can be wrong way up as well.

 We are producing large number of engineers, doctors, teachers etc., but many lack some basic understanding of society and the transformation and transition that require and take place around us.

As an individual, we all are bounded with certain customs, traditions, norms and practices that are being operated by several institutions like family, community, panchayat, schools, education system, government institutions, censor board and many more associated with different domains.

Unlike others institutions family is much more important which is the first and the most important unit of any society. We have some legal channels and other way of going against institutions like panchayat, government bodies etc. but which is the most important unit is always left behind. I don’t mean, let’s rebel or protest against family, that’s really not what I mean. What I mean here is that we really need some strong intervention that’s around family itself.


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