cleaving the clevage hypocrisy.

Posted by amit pandey
August 6, 2017

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Traveling in the Delhi metro is always learning a new experience. I encountered with such experience when my attention caught two boys whispering in each others ears and giggling. When I eavesdrop to their conversation, I heard words ” uske dikh rhe hain” (She are showing). When I turned to understand the situation, I saw a girl whose Cleavage was showing but, she was unaware that two boys pleasuring by her Cleavage. That was the one of the bad experience, I encountered on that day. But after reaching home I encountered the same situation when I and my brothers were watching Television and my brother instantly changed the channel as Bra advertisement come on the channel. These two acts forced me to contemplate, will this prejudice is valid? Will women have to suffer from embarrassment because of their body parts? Will my brother changed the channel If it will be the advertisement of a male vest? When will world overcome with this narrow -minded hypocrisy? This Cleavage hypocrisy is limited to women only, when this same situation comes to men then it’s narrative changed to machismo from vulgarity. This Cleavage embarrassment is not only limited to common women but prominent Bollywood actress were also victims of this Cleavage hypocrisy. A fresh incident is with prominent Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone When TOI tweeted her video with caption “OMG! Deepika Padukone Cleavage show”. After this tweet, Deepika slammed the TOI with tweet “supposedly India’s leading newspaper and this is news !!??”

This is not true, that women did not raise their voice against this Cleavage hypocrisy. Japleen Pasricha founder and the editor-in-chief of Feminism in India (online magazine) who consistently raising the voice for women rights had to face the ban from the Facebook. This ban came after when the e-magazine “Feminism in India” published a story titled “I was ashamed of my Breasts”: on Bras and Breast. In this response, she posted on Facebook “Facebook removed my cover pic and banned me for 24 hours.Bloody cowards! The fear of female breasts!”. This type of activism is also shown on world platform through the movement called “Free the nipple”. This movement got extremely trending on Instagram, where women posted their pictures of breasts, prominent Hollywood actresses Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Bella Thorne also participate in this movement and posted their pictures without the bra. Right now there are 3,652,328 public posts with this hashtag.

If you will contemplate on this issue then you will come to the conclusion is that breasts have been sexualized since times immemorial, but chests not so.And Popular notion say that breasts have only two purposes one is breastfeeding and second for ogling! and anything beyond this is bullshit. The only thing our society can do to overcome with this  Cleavage hypocrisy is to follow these words of Japleen Pasricha “People need to stop sexualizing women’s body.”

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