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Posted by Jyoti Verma
August 31, 2017

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We started SNG to give the strength to survivals. SNG starts with a clear vision – to provide Food, Good Health and welfare for the have nots of our society. They are the outcasts from the society who are being constantly turned down of even the basic human need for acceptance. We provided the food to those who are surviving on streets without any help. They don’t have shelter, Food and Clothes. We took initiative to provide them basic necessities of life.

There are people in the society those who are not getting proper daily food and medical care as per situation.

We extended our hands to emotionally and physically scarred people. We were among these people talking to them, listening to their stories and making them feel completely part of the society.

We all work together in reaching out to as many as we can so that our children & animals who are today suffering in silence get the healing touch from all of us and bless us so that we are able to reach out to more of them.

We have created a platform where help in order to elevate our society just by providing your daily waste food and any unused clothes and things. We would love if you are also the part of this small step towards greater good and spreading smiles. This was just a small help for them.

Soon we will create a mobile application as well were anyone can donate the food and unused clothes, books and toys online for make them smile.

We will make sure that we do our best to reach to maximum people across the cities.  Anyone will not survive without food and medical care. We are always with them. Please connect with us to connect with them.

If you would like to get involved with us or support the work we do, you could visit our website or directly email us.

Jyoti Verma


SNG Trust

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