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Cruising through Goa on my two-wheels

Posted by Kirtika Karma Katira
August 11, 2017

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It has been rightly said that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” This quote always inspires me to pack up everything and head out into the unknown to explore the farthest reaches of our world. I, personally believe that to travel is to live. Fortunately, I live at my aunt’s house which is in a beautiful place where I can explore the nature. My aunt stays in Goa, India. You have to travel around the city in a cycle to discover the enticing beauty of this place. This place is alluring and heavenly with spectacular landscape.


Goa is paradise on earth. This place always takes me back to my childhood days when I used to come here with my family for vacations. This district has all the required ingredients to attract a tourist which includes uncrowded beaches, museums, scenic landscape, markets, temples, etc. I feel blessed to have lived here. Due to my official commitments and work, I am unable to spare time to go out to travel. 

I like to travel on my bicycle as I feel that it is the best way to explore the area but since last two months, I have not touched my cycle due to extra workload. The guilt of not being able to do what I love was eating me from the inside. So one fine day, I saw my bicycle lying in the backward and I decided to go out for a ride next morning. Now to be precise, I have two Hobbies. One is traveling and the other one is cycling. I combine both of them to have a perfect day-out. The reason I started cycling is that it is a healthy, low-impact exercise. Cycling is the best way to reduce the risk of health problems. It keeps us fit and it is also a good muscle workout. It has so many benefits and it improves our overall fitness level. 

It was Sunday morning, I was in Goa during my vacations last year. I geared up in my cycling outfit and I left my home early morning. As I rode a few miles, I realized how much I had missed doing this. In the daily struggle of work, family and life in general, cycling along the beaches makes me feel alive. 



That day I had planned to first go to Agonda beach and then to Palolem beach. As I was riding my bicycle, I could feel the wind announcing that monsoon had arrived. The sky was blue covered with clouds. The wind had a sweet fragrance of flowers that I cannot name. The slow breeze flowing through the trees and the leaves dancing on its rhythm left me speechless. The best part about cycling here is that the streets are pretty uncrowded and you will not find people honking in their cars. In short, it is the perfect place to ride a cycle. 

Cycling on these roads can never be dull as you will find various breath-taking and invigorating landscape. Luckily I had my camera with me and I could capture these picture-perfect shots of my trip. After a while, I reached my first destination which was Agonda beach. The beach looked vibrant and enchanting. The beach was uncrowded and secluded, exactly how I like it. You can run across the beach, roll on the sand or just sit on top of a stone peacefully. 


Beach In Goa. Credits – Kirtika Katira


Infront of my eyes was the sun-kissed ocean and an exquisite view. I felt the blissful feeling of content and harmony. I sat there for a while absorbing the positive vibes. The beauty of sand, rocks, and trees added to the heavenly view of the beach.

After spending some quality time there, I started my journey for Palolem Beach on my cycle. The distance was about 9 km but I felt that it went pretty fast as I was so lost in the beauty of my surroundings. On the way, there were coconut trees on both sides of the road. The sidewalks were filled with lush green flora. Every now and then, I crossed small huts made with bamboo sticks on the side of the road. I even encountered some beautiful butterflies as I got closer to Palolem beach. It is located far from the hustle and bustle of the city. This beach always makes me feel calm and peaceful. This place is famous for its scenic and tranquil beauty.


The moment I reached the beach, I saw the beautiful ocean which gave an enthralling experience to me. Near the shore, I saw huge rocks with green stripes which looked mystical. I clicked some pictures there and also took some snaps of my cycle standing near the ocean. The sand looked golden and the water sparkled as the sun rays fell on them. I sat there on a rock and looked at the majestic sea tides hitting the shoreline. 

Quite a long time has passed since I left home and I started feeling hungry. So I decided to go to a nearby local restaurant. I took my bike and started riding. Luckily, It was nearby and open too. The restaurant was basically a hut made up of palm and coconut trees. I went inside and an enticing fragrance of cooked food welcomed me. I sat on a chair which was placed on the sand as there was no concrete floor. I took off my slippers and ran my fingers in the sand. 



Soon a woman came out to ask me about what all I would like to order. After wondering for a while, I ordered tea, vegetable curry, paratha, and rice. As I was eagerly waiting for the food to arrive, I was thinking about life back in Delhi. To be honest, I never like city life. It is really exhausting and unhealthy. My heart always wanted to live near a beach or on a mountain which I am able to do while I am traveling. 

Traveling for me is a spiritual experience and I feel a special connection with nature. Solo-ride made me realize that in solidarity I can explore more. As I was introspecting, the woman came out with the food and she left with a friendly smile. I clicked the picture of the mouth-watering food and enjoyed the delicious taste of it. This food reminds me of my childhood. Homemade tasty food in a beautiful natural surrounding left me completely satisfied. After finishing the food, I took my cycle and started riding back. As I was riding back, an intense feeling of bliss ran through my veins. Indeed, a day well spent.

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