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August 24, 2017

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Welcome to Cuspera . Here we will talk about the problem that is affecting our country the most right now but I don’t know why but nothing is being done against it and even if it is done ,its not enough at all. Its like killing one soldier invading our country while we are at the target of a nuclear war.

Imagine a girl and a boy together going out. Suddenly ten guys stop them at gun point and forcibly take them inside a bus and tie the boy and tear the girl’s clothes and all of them gangrape her at once. They insert iron rod inside her , pull out her intestines, bite her like animals and then throw them both outside bus naked.

Rapes. It’s like these have been accepted in our society as a normality. Everyday newspapers are filled with numerous reports of rapes, molestations and sexual harassments and acid attacks. Mainstream media doesn’t even get involved in these issues unless and until it’s a high-profile rape case. How can one rape case be different from other, I don’t understand. All of them should receive the same attention and be dealt in the most inhumane severe punishing form.
So, what is the solution – writing articles, doing slam comedy on YouTube or protests at India gate?
Or u believe that the responsible socio-political personalities of this nation will solve these problems on their own by their own will? But in that case first you have to agree that “jeans worn by girls, use of mobiles by them and noodles cause rapes”, “there should be separate states for girls and boys as their interaction causes rapes”, “girl should be married off early so that they are not raped” ,”the women protesting against these issues are pretty and painted”, “our transformation towards modern trends is causing rapes”, “women who roam in midnight are to be blamed if they get raped” , “boys will be boys and we can’t hang them for such petty crimes (rapes)” & “if Nirbhaya would have called her rapists bhaiya, they would have left her unhurt” are justified statements. So do you agree really to these statements?
When we come across a rape incident and we feel a bit bad, then we feel sorry for the rape victim for a few seconds, then think how it could have been avoided, and then stop thinking and continue with what we were doing, only till we come again across such a case that this five-minute cycle occurs again. Or worse you yourself get raped or molested and then think why it happened and go into some serious thinking.
If the protests would have been the solution then after Nirbhaya gangrape case things would have improved. Has it? And leave whole country as of now, I am just talking about Delhi right now. Ask Delhi girls yourself and you will get the answer. It hasn’t at all.
In our country, most of the things are politically motivated, when a rape case happens, the youth wing of the opposition parties comes in large numbers on the streets and when the government changes, then even if more horrific rape occurs but those guys are nowhere to be seen this time. Of course there are some politicians who really wanna do something about it but they can be counted on fingers.
Asking girls to not wear ‘exposing’ clothes which ‘pushes’ guys into raping them, is that the solution? Nopes dear not at all because what I do feel is that even if a girl is walking on a road wearing just nothing, still it doesn’t give anyone the right to touch and rape them. It’s her body and her choice. But what our dear society still thinks is that a girl who is drinking with boys in a club or wearing hotpants is ‘asking’ to be ‘raped’. So is waiting for the change in mentality of our society a solution ? But first I wanna tell you that it will take 100years or more and that too without a guarantee. With approx 34000 rape cases per year would it be a right bet? You better decide folks.
Now as Indians we always find a way to wash our hands off from any issue and have plenty of justification to do like many people say that the increase in rape numbers is not a negative thing as rapes were always happening, increased reports just mean that the more cases are being reported now. My take on this is – hieghtened fearlessness, a sick mind and lust in the minds of the rapists. Well what the lawyers and the accused in Nirbhaya case thought was clearly shown in India’s daughter. And worse I would like to thank our whole system for giving a free hand to all the boys who have even one-day spare to their 18th birthday to rape freely any girl they want and not just that but insert rods inside her too, pull out her intestines and even more horrific things he wishes to do as at most he will be given a three-year-old sentence in jail.
This is the way our laws work, we believe that in just one-day goddess Sarasvati will come and enlighten the soul and mind of a person. Now the judgement is yours . I respect the judiciary and executive both immensely and I am sure that this time they will listen to us finally.
But unlike other articles we aren’t ending here with lines like ‘hope situation changes soon’ or ‘hope media and system listens to us’. I chose to move ahead and act.
Now the time for solution.
Anti-Rape Revolution. The strongest till date. Use the power of net and create a storm so strong that it reaches the too deep, inside the government of this nation and forces them to make laws not according to just what they feel is right but what we want from them as afterall they are being made for us. How can just a few of our representatives and that too with some of them themselves charges with rape cases decide the solution. And to the logic that citizens do participate by voting every 5 years and punishing those who do wrong, I just wanna say waiting ten years for casting two votes to show that what was done was not right is not even a bit practical.
For solving this problem first, we must make the government of India realize how much it pains and bothers us, how much angry we are for the way the women of this nation, our daughters, mothers, wives, sisters are being treated. The government thinks it’s just a small issue and citizens can live with it. Really? I too want to ask this question to all the girls of this nation, don’t you feel angry? When a guy tries to rape u through his eyes or an unknown person stares at you with lecherous eyes or someone tries to rub their crotch on you in public transportation or the queue in religious places even or anywhere? Then why you don’t take any action and raise your voice? Well till date you didn’t have a platform maybe but today I am providing you a chance to build this platform and make yourself safe everywhere. I invite all the women of this nation and all the men against rapes to come out and support our this initiative Cuspera Anti Rape Revolution. Spread this post as much as you can, until it reaches every nook and corner of this nation. Of course there will be some people who will be offended as its our national habit but then its not a big cost to pay for our real motive to make India rape free .This time I want the government to invite its citizens to take part in the decision-making process to make India rape free and I am sure this government will. I believe that India can be made rape-free in three months given the central government along with all the state governments starts together this initiative. And if it doesn’t happen even then each state can independently make itself rape-free in one month. And I have highest hope for this dream from our Hon’ble Respected PM Narendra Modi. Sir only you are the person who can make the women of this nation secure now. You have done a lot of things for this nation’s development and the love of people for you certainly proves so but now its time to address the biggest evil of our society which no government has even bothered to look into since independence in the last seventy years. Giving out subsidised lpg connections to poor women, leave during pregnancy to women and building toilets for them is really great but it’s of not much use if we can’t provide them with the most basic requirement of any person’s life-their safety. Women arent safe anywhere now, not even in their homes. And the situation has gone so bad that three-year olds, three months old girls as well as women above sixty year olds are now being raped. I want to ask our respected cultural and social organisations, were those girls and women also exposing themselves?
Today you just have two choices – 1. Take a stand, come forward, spread this message as much as you can, comment on the video or our Facebook post about what you want to happen that will make you feel more safe and secure, write about changes you want to happen as soon as possible, the intensity of this grave problem you are facing and in return I guarantee you our Hon’ble PM will listen to you and in three months (from the day he meets us) with his support we will make India rape-free. 2. Ignore this and pray that it never happens to you.
And you must make a choice right now. Laters it’s going to be too late.
I request our respective citizens if you really want to be a part of it, start changing yourself too. Instead of educating your daughters about moral dressing, educate your sons about moral behaviour, educate them to respect girls. Closing tv when news channels show rape cases won’t protect them but instead harm them.
The need of hour is to punish these rapists in such inhumane and severe form that no one ever dares to even touch a girl without her consent. The toughest laws. And i want to urge the human rights activists to not even think of coming against this as rapists are not human at first place.
Now if some of you may think that you are in such a safe condition that no one can harm the women of your house I just want to say that if someday your superior does something you won’t have anywhere to go. And I want to request all the political parties too to work jointly on this issue as this concerns you all.
I specially want to request Hon’ble Sushma Swaraj, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Chopra, Deepika Padukone, Anjana Om Kashyap, Chanda Kochhar, Arundhati Bhattacharya, Mithali Raj, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal, Barkha Dutt, Sonal Kalra to support this initiative.
And you guys won’t be supporting this initiative just for yourself but for every girl of this nation who today doesn’t have access to fb and YouTube but faces this problem wherever she is living and because of these fears she is not able to complete her schooling or higher studies.
Let’s build a new era where women are safe and secure. And we are not doing them any favour by doing this, we are just returning them what was snatched from them when the first rape case did occur and never returned
To Girls – Please support this initiative and fight for what you all deserve since ever and make yourself safe.
To Guys – Please support this initiative and prove a point that not all of us are the same. We respect and care for our sisters, mothers, wives, friends and the female population of our country. PS : Check out the cases of boys being sodomised by men and sexually assaulted.
And now in last I apologise if I offended someone with this initiative and for being a bit harsh and rude with the choice of words but our society is not used to act till something hits us really hard to come face to face with the reality.
ThankYou for taking out your time for reading it.
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