Why My Friends And I Decided To Never Go Out Without Our Own Vehicle

Posted by Anshu Ydv in My Story
August 31, 2017

I like how the stars shine in the sky, how the moonlight creates a charm and how the silence makes all your troubles vanish for a while. I love going for night outs with my friends. But a few months ago, we had an experience that could have been a horrible incident.

I am a hosteler, so naturally, I spend more time with my friends. One day, we were studying for our exams but then one friend decided that we should go out and have fun.

It was 6 pm, so we agreed to her plan since it wasn’t too dark. We took an auto from our college and went to a nearby market that was hardly half an hour away. Once we got there, we bought some things and ate a lot. Then, one of my friends said that we should go back since the place wasn’t safe around 8 pm.

But it was only 8 pm, I didn’t want to leave. We were four people. But my friend insisted that we should leave since our college is located in a remote area and finding transport facilities could be a problem. So we decided to leave.

We were waiting for an auto for almost 20 minutes. The autos that did stop, were demanding too much money. Soon, an auto driver who was standing near us came to us and agreed to drop us back at quite a cheap price. We were a bit surprised but without wasting any time we sat inside the auto. However, after a while, we noticed that two people were following us on a motorcycle. We thought that we were probably overthinking, but then, a car started moving right in front of the auto too.

Something strange happened next. The car stopped and a man got out of it and sat inside the auto we were in!

The driver was constantly giving weird expressions to the people on the bike and to the man who was sitting beside him. All of this didn’t seem right at all and we became alert. We were also afraid since the area wasn’t very crowded. However, there were a few people and when we saw them, we immediately asked the driver to stop, after which, we called one of our teachers who came to pick us up.

After that, we decided to never go out without our own vehicle.

Although we live in a democratic society, we don’t have the freedom to do what we want. Every time when we leave our houses, we always prepare for the worst that could happen to us.

Maybe that’s why our parents don’t allow us to go outside at night. What else would they say? We all know the situation out there. I don’t know when that day will come when we won’t have to fear for our safety. I wonder when so many girls would stop hoping why they aren’t boys.

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