Delhi metro incident that scares me even today.

Posted by Anaya sharma
August 1, 2017

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Its 6th June,2015 i have given my exam sheet to the examiner as the English exam of  B com IIIrd Year was quite easy .Me and two best friends of mine are quite happy and taking selfies outside the examination hall while waiting for an e-rickshaw  as we have to reach the Jahangir puri metro station by time . I am wearing black top and and a black and white plazzo. I am feeling bit awkward but nice as its first time i am wearing a plazzo. Oh the E- rickshaw arrived and we three are all set to head toward the metro station. There is nothing new ,the same metro and same crowd and the centre place connecting the metro where the college students usually sit as there is no seat in metro. My brother is waiting for me at kasmiri-gate metro station as my friends will be going for an outing with their male friend and meet them at Kashmiri gate. its all fine till now .oh my brother is standing in a Que as there are uncountable men who are waiting for the next packed metro.Finally the metro arrived,and with that arrived the incident which has groped my mind till now.which i never thought would happen with me. i was entering the metro , i felt a touch on my right butt,but its not just a touch the hand consistently pinching my butts ,trying to clinch them with full force.But it is not the end the man behind me is so bad he is pushing his dick towards my butt and consistently moving his hand over them .i want to yell .i want to turn and push him par itna zada crowd hai i am unable to move even my hand. i am searching my brother ,where is he .when i need him the most .i am crying and all this happened within 20 seconds as we entered metro .as soon as i got place to move myself ,i turned back and whosoever was in front of me ,i gave him a tight slap. I am not sure whether he is the same person . thank god i found my brother .bhaee someone touched me inappropriately. i want to throgh him out ,i want to beat him.but i dont know who he was . Ek uncle jo mere papa se shayed 4-5 years bade hai is standing beside me .and my intutions say he was the man behind me but i didnt say any thing,as my brother said i am alone .mein akele kaise maarunga, tu he bata.what the hell then.why are you with me dumb . we reached home and i huged my mom and telling her everything that happen to me in metro and the unexpected reply  “beta bhulja ,ladkiyo ko adat dalni padti hai. hum kuch nhi kr sakte. bhaee bhi kya karta vo akela tha ,use koi maar deta toh hum kaha jaate. shukar hai kuch nhi hua.” these words were hitting me like an arrow directly in my heart. i was literally thinking ” ise zada or kya hoga, bhaee ko bhejte kyu ho mere saath , ek formality ke liye jab mujhe apni raksha khud he krni hai toh.” i know my brother is a very nice person ,though he is one and a half month younger to me but a strong built 6 feet 3 inches tall boy who could not stand for me when i was in need.but i still love him the most.This is the first time i am sharing this incident which has given me a lesson that” your life ,your self respect is only yours ,only you can save it and stand by it, NO ONE ELSE.” BE STRONG BE HAPPY AND LEAD YOUR LIFE WITH A GREAT SPARK IN YOUR EYES AND NEVER EVER TOLERATE WRONG THINGS.

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