Posted by Anushka Nischal
August 18, 2017

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I felt like someone was pulling me into a deep dark well where I could not see anything not even my own shadow. I was screaming for help and all I could here was distant voices of worry that belonged to my family.

That is how I felt like every single for the past two years I just wanted to be alone and keep on crying. I used to sleep 14 hours a day eat way more than normal. I just was looking for a light that could fill the darkness inside of me. I felt like I was all alone even if i had huge support from my family. I could feel anything pynch me even if it was harmless fun. And why was all this? Just because someone tried to force himself one and my ex boyfriend was threatening me because he wanted to have sex with me

Guys depression is not something that you this is be with your child or relative who is in deppretion it is not easy to get over

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