Posted by Sri Sudershan Parth
August 16, 2017

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Since India is a political and democratic country bounded by various external factors, the importance of voting cant be taught to all so easily ,therefore many strategies are to be used to spread this message. Moreover everyone in this country are attracted towards financial side rather than beneficial one. The major population of India lies in rural area out of which maximum are unaware about leader choosing and its importance, indirectly we should be first approaching them in their language through various workshops , programmes so that they understand and vote accordingly. The major work or rather major duty given to the current youth is getting to know about how government can function properly and how to implement that. The election should never be religion,caste,race bound as our constitution ensures equality to everyone irrespective of these factors. India never wanted leader who dictates but the one who takes country’s pride. The major step towards making people know about the elections is by organizing various ad commercials,roadshows etc. so that they at least spread that to other known leading to a fully literate India. Therefore hoping for a improved nation soon. JAI HIND!

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