Emotional abuses a girl goes through in a relationship but is scared to fight back.

Posted by Medha Pal
August 22, 2017

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In today’s busy world, we seldomly care about others’ emotions and feelings,which often results into pain and traumas.I am a 23 YO simple girl from Kolkata.After completing my B.Tech in Food Technology and bring a topper, my ambition was to get a secured job to look after my parents. Everything was smooth till when I met this guy from New Delhi, who happened to propose me for marriage and as our families met, everything was decided and in 2018 we were about to get married.Things started changing. Our beautiful romantic moments started to turn out to be disaster. This guy, even after knowing I am not yet comfortable with him, used to force me for sexting.In the days, when I needed him the most and I was emotionally broken, he refused to be there and was always busy with his own chores. Then came one fine day when he led an argument till the point where he abused me and my mom verbally by using disrespectful cuss words. When I warned him of breaking the bond, he instantly said sorry and promised to not disrespect me again. Time went by and day by day I started questioning myself if he is the right guy for me, until oneday, I came to know he was an alcoholic and lied and even cheated with me. I could not bear all these anymore.I needed an answer desperately for his act, but I was so frightened at the thought that he might disrespect me again and our family would have been insulted in the society for breaking the bond as the wedding date was all fixed, I stayed quiet. One fine day when I was listening to a woman going through similar mental torture, I decided to confront him.I asked him repeatedly, but he kept on denying, until when he at last couldn’t and gave in and admitted he had done so and he apologized for the same.. but to me, he was already dead. I lost all my confidence and trust in love. Now, I am frightened to love anybody. My faith has completely broken.. but my family was throughout by my side and I am glad I could get over him.


To all the beautiful ladies out there, I just want to say, you are all pretty the way you are, you are all special. Never let society or anyone decide your future and happiness, its only YOU who can fight all odds and overcome. Be confident, be brave enough to speak against emotional or any other kind of abuses. Be proud of who you are. Keep smiling, keep shining and keep rocking girls.

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