Posted by Prerna Avasthi
August 14, 2017

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“Recall when you tried everything possible to save your relationship.”

Last friday while attending my boring lecture my friend pinged me. “Waiting for you in the parking, come fast.’’- Kunal. As an when I reached, he started blushing and told me about his girl. While conversing he mentioned it thrice. “She’s hot She’s hot ..”

“Hey bro, one sec you love her because she’s hot?” I asked him.

Love? Is it a fair girl, white skin, a perfect figure or the one with a sexy butt. Love to me is something unconditional, a beautiful feeling and is all about accepting each other for all good and bad. The point was, is Kunal with the girl because she’s hot. And I realised that the answer was “Yes” when he was quite after I cross questioned . “What if she’s not hot tomorrow?”. Often we all speculate about love which actually is a mere attraction for most of us. I remember the beautiful line I read long back. Somebody asked a guy “Why do you love your gf? Whats so special about her?”

To which the guy replied, “I love her for everything she is and she will be and honestly I don’t need a reason to love her. She’s mine for whatever she is and she will be. Everything about her is so special.”

I find most of the people upset and they have this misconception that my ex was perfect for me. Wherever I go people need love but to me it sounds more like a favour. They need conditional love not unconditional one. My gf should be fair, a girl with perfect figure and height. I need a hot, rich, bread and tall guy. But do you really call this specific ideology of love on conditions as love. If the people who loved you were perfect for you they won’t have given up on you. They won’t have left you with the worst feeling of helplessness. Find somebody who loves you unconditionally, for all that you are and will be. Trust me when you find somebody who loves you for everything that defines you that’s when you found the perfect one.

With Lots of Unconditional Love. 🙂

By – Prerna Avasthi.

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