everyone deserves love, peace, care and guilt free life!

Posted by Nilima Jangam
August 24, 2017

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We live in world where soda is given as welcome drink and lemon water to wash hands. The population can be counted but number of faces are not measurable. When and where one will put mask is unpredictable. One can’t say if the person’s smile is the fake one or the real one. No one can tell if the tears are of happiness or sadness. There are people who easily give up their feelings in front of people but some manage to hide it. Billions of questions run in mind and heart. Things which are seen, experienced and felt sometimes can fool us. It’s hard to say whom to believe so almost every pillow knows pain but the people around don’t.

There are people who can take of their dresses in front of others but are afraid to show the feelings beneath it. They are scared to death to show their heart. They are ready to share the body and bed but not heart and feelings. Why? Are they cold hearted? Or are they seeking just a meaningless physical relation? And here is the answer, “We can’t predict or judge them”. The answer might be anything YES or NO but we can’t just guess it. Everyone has a time span where one person means world. Day starts with him or her and ends with the same. The particular person become son and moon of life. The person and the relation can be anything but he or she becomes everything. Let’s consider this world as a room where the walls are related to the person and the room is full of time spent with the person. And one day the person leaves and never come backs, again the reason might be anything. And then there is nothing left but just a room or an empty and dark world. When the person left, the door slammed so hard that walls could feel the vibration. The memories with the person breaks into pieces. The sound of door slamming was huge enough to scare the heart and close its door too. As the heart closed the door, the pain was not only felt by heart but also by the body and soul. Trying to join the pieces was never a wise decision as it would always hurt. Finally the person manages to walk on the pieces and opens the room but when he turns back he could see nothing but just blood of memories, hurt, pain, laugh and the time gone with the person left. And that’s how the mask of smile, laugh, and happiness takes place in one’s life.

There are thousands of reasons for the billions of mask in this world. People come out of the room but at the end of the day they return to their places. They think that’s the place they deserve or where they belong. Everyone has their stories but the fear is same. One may come out of the room successfully.

One may start to build another room and another world but it won’t be with the same passion, love, care and “TRUST”. There is never an entry to the old room. One may be afraid that other people won’t be able to see the broken pieces and blood on them or they won’t be able to bear the mess created in the room. They never ask for the hand to clean the mess. The pain felt in the room is more than enough for the heart to crumble. The person inside the room is the real without mask but outside, he is just a hallow body with closed heart. Many hearts belong just to the room but nowhere. Many doesn’t want to come out of the room or to open the room and heart. Some may put the mask aside but will never want to show their heart and the room to people. Like I said, variety of stories, different kind of heartbreaks, different climax for every story but the fear is always same which is not easy to describe in words and hard enough to understand with the words.  

It’s hard to show the room, the world and the heart to people. But it’s necessary to open up. No one deserves to live in the past. No one should live the life with guilt and negativity around them. The person with whom the room was created, had the fun, loved and cared. He or she would never like to see things this way. Don’t keep the rooms locked forever. Open it along with your heart and show people the fun you had. Let them learn the things from the memories created in the room. Let them experience all the fragments of your world. Let them feel the joy, love and pain in the room. I am sure that will make people strong enough to build their worlds with the people they love. And trust me everyone will get a person who will clean up the mess, who will arrange things properly, who will bring light to the dark room and will make a new world within it rather than building another one where we will share old and new memories and moments together. Just give a chance and don’t give up if you fail because that’s not what you deserve but the better.


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