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Fair elections – one place , one platform , complete campaign

Posted by Akant Sahu
August 17, 2017

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Hello everyone

This article is based on my own thoughts and a system which can be adopted by people of india to avoid unfair campaign and corruption which happens at the time of election campaign.

I believe that everyone knows that there is a limited amount of money has been announced by election commission of India for the candidats to use at the time of their election campaign.

And i believe that one thing always contradict us that one does not actually spend that exact amount of money.

Some times it might be less or more but it always raise many doubtful thoughts in my mind.

I believe that somewhere , somehow the thoughts of voters and people of the area gets effected by the campaign type and instead of voting according to what they actually believe and what actually influence them, differences might be created.

There is this little thing that people always keep in mind that being an  election candidate, wealth is actually required if you want to win, mostly in rular area.

They somehow gets attracted by the campaigning procedure not by the agenda or propoganda a candidate carries within.

So followinga are the suggestion i made to let people understand the personality and quality of candidates not the sudden influence created by candidates.

  1. The election commission of india should directly interfere in the general elections.
  2. A system which should be made to organise the election.
  3. The limited amount of money or less should be spend and properly billed by candidates and submitted to the office.
  4. The money should only be used on number of banners per Village and area.
  5. The banners which includes the profile of candidate and their m. Manifesto of candidate.
  6. The candidates and their one single speech in which their words are coverd to influence the peole should be video recorded and shown to every vilalge and area at the time when everyone gather at single place.
  7. This is how the extra expense will be cut down.
  8. On the basis of one candidate one banner one area and one speech.
  9. Other than this, they should not be able to do any extra expense in campaign other than meeting people on their own.
  10. Any material given by candidates to the voters should be illegal.

And before that the election commission and indian govt should campaign and aware people to stay away from fraud , and leave the greediness of anything offerd by a candidate.

Its a hard truth , but yes its true.

In rular area the voters see the attractive campaign rather that the agenda and they are seeking for a chance to get any likeable stuff offerd by candidates.

Thank you.

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