Free Verse Poetry: Another Night Comes Uninvited

Posted by Linda J. Wolff
August 17, 2017

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Do you ever get those days, where it just spirals, so fast, it makes your head spin? I do, then the evening waltzes in with the dark, and you want it to stop. You watch the changes of effect, everything winds down before your eyes. In this free verse poetry and digital art piece, I try to visualize in words.

Free Verse Poetry: Another Night Comes Uninvited

Now a half-yellow sun…Setting over tree tops,
and blue holds wispy white.
Black feathers swoop…Flying gnats attack the evening.
Shadows crawl across rectangle boxes.
Music blares from window shapes.
Tabby legs dash across green splinters.
Brown barking dog in pursuit.
Teriyaki chicken burns noses if inhaled.
Tummies rumble loudly at the aroma.
Red playground holds ten squealing children.

A boy named…Willy-nilly is quite silly.

Showing off for the lovely ladies.
Laughter echoes.
A swing steadily moves back and forth.
And I, sipping green tea enjoy.
Dampness crawls with the shadows.
Dust lingers in the air.
Cigarette burning from an open slider below.
White lights flicker on…One by one.
Another night comes…Uninvited.

©Linda J. Wolff 2017
|Another Night Comes…Uninvited|
A free verse poetry

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