Get married before its too late

Posted by Kaynat Khan
August 21, 2017

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Well this is my first post in YKA.. I am greatful that atleast I can vent my emotions somewhere.. we are living in a modern society..where we claim ouerselves to be educated n broad-minded..but really?? Are we really so broad minded..if yes..then why our society finds it so difficult to accept a unmarried 30 year old women normally..why our society treat them so weirdly as if they do not deserve to live in our society if they are unmarried.. my own sister is 30 years old,n she is single.. she is doing a job in a private firm..earns enough to take care of her own expenses..she is very beautiful..and charming.. i love when she smiles..her eyes are bright and beautiful..well inspite of all this.. she is always mistreated in our family..not only in family, my relatives also dislike her.. reason??well there is only one reason she is 30 and unmarried..everyday she hears rough and rude words from my parents they call her ” apshaguni”, “manhoos”. Everyone around us are always worried about my sister I dont know why they always pinch her n make her feel so unwanted..she sometimes cries..she even wishes to die because the humiliation she faces everyday is getting unbearable day by day.. now this humiliation does not only comes from the elders of our society.. even my friends have started teasing me indirectly about my sister. One of my friend , a boy,claims himself to be a ultramodern openminded guy..last day asked about my sister

“Hey didi ki shadi hui tumhari”?

I said no..

He replied”yar ab nai karwaoge toh kab kitna age ho gaya he ab to shakal pe umar dikhne laga he..koi nai karega badme shadi”?

His words broke my heart..

My question is to my so called modern society.. why???why such insensitivity towards girls like my sister.. if a girl is 30 and married then everyone is fine with it.. but if a girl is 30 and single..she is a burden to our society.. in the society where I live I dont know why everyone is so cheap and narrow minded.. is it obligatory for a women to get married or else this society will not accept her…why.. marrige should be a choice not a compulsion.. why do a girl have to adjust with any TOM DICK HARRY..because she is getting old and society wants her to get married.. why ?

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