Girls are ‘Toys’ as per Ministers

Posted by Monika Vijay Verma
August 17, 2017

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Trust me it is a matter of shame that girls are not safe in our nation.

Girls: Beautiful Creation by God

As we all know we talk about India, we people feel proud of it but may I know why do we feel proud of India???

Is there anyone who has ever thought about it??

I guess no..

After the situations which girls are facing now a days, we can not say that India is a country to feel proud upon.

Girls are very important creation of God.

I request every boy around to open their eyes and know about the bitter reality of life that you boys are born from Girls only.

Respect them in the way they are. Let them breathe according to their wish.

Please let them wear whatever they feel like.

Shameless Ministers who is very famous…

It is a matter of great shame for ministers out there who sit at home and enjoy the power and money.

It is shame when they give statements like dressing of girls are responsible for rapes, sitting on their sofas…

This is for ministers of India who feel that they are super powerful without doing anything, wait for the worst to see with your own wife, daughter, sister or mother.. I hope after that you people will realise..

It you give big big lectures on social media then please do also focus on the worst which is happening around the world with girls. Please do something so that even after being a minister you will get a salute from the citizens of India.

Ministers, Let me tell you one thing…

people do not have any positive thinking about you people. You people are the useless person on this Earth because you eat money and think over smart even after being nothing.

Please know this reality about your image and try to change yourself and do something for all the needy around you rather than closing the window of your car after seeing poors and needy..

Maintain your name and fame with good deeds..

India will feel proud of you all and not only blind people but all the people of our country will salute you..

I request every boy to thank God for creating girls on this earth in a different way in their lives i.e. A mother, wife, daughter, sister and many more relations who are meant to be happy with. Who are their to take care of you and your family..

Salute to all girls out there..

Respect Them!


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