Happy Independence Day!! But Whats the deal?

Posted by Simran Kaur Thandi
August 15, 2017

I hope everyone is free by now sharing pictures of Independence Day on whats app, uploading statuses and the ever entertaining ‘GIFs’. Well, that too is very necessary. But now time for some reality check.

It’s been 70 years our Motherland India got independence from the shackles of dominance and rule of tyranny. We have every reason to be proud as an Indian yet there are certain claims and unfinished goals to be fulfilled. As a child I grew up as a patriot, always defending my country in front of my NRI relatives who most of the times do not feel comfortable with their roots and found it imperative to criticize India to show supremacy. I used to feel enraged from within not only because I had little knowledge of the immense talent my country has given birth to but I always swore by the line “Change will come then you will see”.

I was so wrong because if my country becomes truly free and prosperous devoid of corrupt tendencies it is not for other nations or satisfying the pursuit of reaching the top. The change required is for the people of my country and not for fulfilling external manifestations. Now when we say the word ‘change’ it is not something easily acquired or comes as a breath of fresh air. It is something we need to fight for and gain. It is only possible when we realize that there is a problem, not with the geography, topography, resources or opportunities India provides us with, the problem lies with the ‘derailed feeling of spirit of us towards our country’. Spirit of nationality which demands us to be secular and love for our country not amounting to zealous ambition or hatred for another country. That spirit which holds the potential to eradicate every problem in the country has been lost because we have succumbed to our petty and selfish vested interests. There is a wide gap between our thoughts and actions. We love to criticize our Country but will not move an inch towards making a difference.

The spirit which I am trying to explain is not that hard to get because it is gifted to us, it is gifted to us by countless sacrifices of martyrs and freedom fighters who breathed and died for the country. Never did they imagine how ‘indifferent and hypocrite’ the masses will become in the time to come. I am not a cynical person yet time makes you one, still from the pile of cynicism i hope for change to come and enter at least in the minds of people if not in reality. I am not talking about religious, social, domestic or national level revolution, it is about the change in our minds which is fearless enough to find the truth and swear by it, it is that change which is intolerant to hypocrisy around us, it is that change which considers every human problem above every religion,caste creed colour or sex. India has not made us backward or rigid we have made her like that. When we stop dodging the blames of corruption, sanitation, ethics, safety , racism and many more on our motherland and realize that all these are self created problems, that moment we will have the courage to confront the odds. The odds are stacked not between people or ideals, the odds are in our minds. We have totally neglected individual efforts and left them in a corner to be discussed on “cup of tea” in our homes vehemently remarking “rehen de beta tere sa na ho paye ga”. That’s the level of love we have for our country. I know many of you reading the article would say i am against right to criticism but that’s a gross idea please delete it. I am in for all sorts of positive criticism which validates healthy debate, i am staunchly against the idea of curbing voices of the youth in the name of “nationality”, for that is not what nationality means. It is the spiritual solace attained after fighting and making difference. Difference not to be calculated by whims and fancies or false assessments, difference when one can influence an idea to bring change.

A little to do list for all the people of our country rejoicing in the glory of independence like i am. Our first and foremost task is to understand what freedom is, it is not a far fetched idea or something confined to law books, it is a feeling and the satisfaction on the face of the parents when they are sure that their daughters and sons are safe on the streets, it is when we stop falling into traps of the evil vices of people in power who manipulate the truth and spread hatred, it is when we realize that our first identity is not associated with our religion or place of belonging, it is when we empower a woman to defend herself in every situation and stop being afraid of her power. When we realize the amount of precious lives of our soldiers who are our ‘true best friends’ and not let their sacrifices go to waste. When we make the conscious effort of considering the smallest of jobs like cleaning the streets, workplace, saying no to bribery, having respect for traffic rules, understand the natural obligation that when we earn more than we could imagine it is our duty to ensure that no one sleeps hungry, having respect for animals and their dignity, when we our not lost in the lust of propagating communalism, chauvinism, terror and hypocrisy which are the second names for cowardice and adhere to the supreme law of land. When we stop polarizing and marginalizing masses on no solid ground which crushes the need for humanity. When we realize that history and the right to glorify it, belongs to every Indian and we do not fall prey misinterpreting it in.

We need to realize that the moral fabric of the society can be changed with reform making space for new thoughts and subtly defeating orthodox practices which have suffocated everyone for generations altogether. Needless to say we just need to loosen up ourselves and stop blaming our government for every single thing, we are the nation we are the change we need to bring that “Beg borrow steal” our choice. We do not need to make our country perfect neither do we need to glorify our already glorified nation. We need to change ourselves to reach the level that we are deserving enough to avail to the blessings and sacrifices made for us.

Jai Hind!!