Have humans developed all their organs? A big question in today’s modern era!

Posted by Sumit Singh
August 23, 2017

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We, humans, are blessed with organs such as eye, ear, brain and such to enhance our way of living.
They are present with us the day we are born, develops over time and terminate after the death of a human. But the big question is Are these all organs humans have?
Are there any other organs humans do not know about?
Are there organs which do not develop because of the environmental conditions on earth?
Maybe the very oxygen we breathe prevent those special organs to grow and terminate a human in appx. 80 – 90  years.
Maybe the oxygen is not what our body desires! We are happily breathing to survive and end it in 80-90 years.
Let’s have a look at the possibilities of human organs, Oxygen and Earth conditions.

POSSIBILITY 1: Are we meant to breathe oxygen?
Just because our ancestor’s breath oxygen doesn’t mean that we should too. The crazy it may sound but it is true. Our ancestors are gone, they did not survive this earth’s climate. But we all wanna live as long as we could! So maybe we should not blindly follow and continue breathing oxygen as it will eventually lead to our death. We must consider possibilities other than O2.
POSSIBILITY 2: Is Earth our home!
No one know how when humans arrived on Earth.There is not a single theory that can support the fact that Earth belongs to humans.So maybe we are not meant to be here. 100 years from now we won’t be here. We are continuously searching for other possibilities of life. And so did we before arriving on Earth. Maybe the previous planet on which we lived supported life for more than 1000 years. We should be open to all possibilities.
POSSIBILITY 3: Are climatic conditions on Earth really suitable for humans!
Eyes, ear, nose! Is this all we humans have got. Are these the only organs we humans are supposed to have or maybe NOT!.
Maybe the climatic conditions on Earth is not letting us develop other organs.The very oxygen we breathe, the food we consume. Maybe these are the reasons preventing our special organs to nurture.
There maybe a possibility that the planet we humans previously occupied, having special organs like wings to fly or brains to change past and future. We must not be limited to the thoughts others are having and keep living our lives, working from 10 -5 and enjoying the rest.
Maybe the GOD we worship today are those who saved us from dying by sending us to this planet Earth.

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