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August 9, 2017

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KYUZEN  is a Japanese word which means ” Accord”

Introduction: Japan Karate Shtoakan KYUZEN is an approved club under recognized karate organization under Ministry of Youth affairs and sports.  It is  Serving low income group of the society for the last 5 years; is something best booster energy to go ahead with more social activities and involvements. ITM started  in the year 2013 { May} and was officially recognized by the local authority by starting Karate Training under the Local authority project in the 2014 [ January ] In the year 2017.  A detailed plan is being executed to develop rural area low income scheme students. Right now on initial state depending purely on my small income as an educator, I have adopted a few children under the adoption scheme of KYUZEN. I would like to raise the number of students to 100 by the year 2018. The aim is cristal clear along with developing the child as a Karate coach, I would like to develop them academically also, till the child grown up and earn a good job, I would like to teach them, and loaded them with good education.

The aim of KYUZEN- is as follows

  • 1. To adopt 100 students.
  • 2. To train them in Karate
  • 3. To arrange remedial coaching [Academic] with the help of subject experts.
  • 4. To provide fully equipped space for the studies & Karate Training.

KYUZEN is bond to keep all the details of fund usages, for this website or a blog shall be developed where all the details of the fund receiving and expenses shall be shown with an exact account of the same on the other end [Hard copy]. Any detail query shall be full filled through the mail. A detail “By Low” is prepared in this context, so the governance will be good if everything goes well. Why approaching you for the fund: I am a simple private educator with a nominal salary, still I am adopting a few children and teaching them Karate, I know only by doing Karate would not be fetching bread for them, for this I need to go ahead with much better infrastructure and basic facilities. Now with the lagging of fund I am not able to teach them academically, I would like to see them in such a level, for this special attention is needed in their basic education. There are limitation in me to bring them up, in the case of finance, for this I think if we all will come forward definitely we could come ahead, make this possible and provide those low income groups of the society a good hope.

Basic fund needed for

  •  1. Developing a remedial coaching area.
  • 2. Subject teachers Appointment
  • 3. Special teaching / Coaching
  • 4. Career training
  • 5. Clothing / Uniform
  • 6. Transportation
  • 7.Dojo Development
  • 8. Kyu Grading expenses
  • 9. Dan Grading expense
  • 10. Tournament and Seminars
  • 11. Developing a remedial coaching area.

If things go well, we need to have a fund requirement of more than what I stated here in this campaign. Anyway, let me accelerate the basic need and would go ahead, you with more help.                                                                                                           KINDLY HELP ME FOR THIS NOBLE CAUSE

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